, Hohhot, Jan. 15 (Reporter Li Aiping) At the two sessions of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region being held here, CPPCC member Du Laermei suggested that the development of tourism in Inner Mongolia can be driven by film and television dramas.

  Du Laermei is the vice chairman and secretary general of the Inner Mongolia Television Artists Association.

On the 15th, she said in an interview with reporters that after research, she found that in recent years, after the movie "Wolf Totem" was released nationwide, the tourism economy of the Uragai Grassland in Xilin Gol League, Inner Mongolia can be said to be booming. "Every year When the peonies are in full bloom, the local tourist enthusiasm even reaches the phenomenon that there are more people than flowers.”

  "Judging from the tourism enthusiasm brought by the movie "Wolf Totem", good film and television works have a strong and sustainable impetus to the tourism economy." Du Laermei said that the experience of "Wolf Totem" suggests that Inner Mongolia can Relying on film and television works, let film and television works be combined with scenic spots to create tourist attractions with national popularity.

  As a member of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, Du Laermei once conducted research on the Inner Mongolia Chengchuan Ethnic Cadre Academy in Ordos. "The stories of Yang Zao and Han Chun happened here, and they are real and touching. The government departments can focus on the field of film and television dramas to create a A new brand of travel."

  According to public information, Yang Zao and Han Chun are an American couple. As scientific and technological workers, they have raised cattle in China for more than 60 years. Their descendants all live in China and have left many touching stories.

  Duralme expects the local government departments to make great efforts to bring this rare and good theme to the screen.

  "Tourism is an eternal sunrise industry, and it is also a typical consumer economy." On the 15th, the reporter learned from the Two Sessions of Inner Mongolia that this year Inner Mongolia will focus on tourism economy, and strive to make it possible to travel from east to west, spring, summer, autumn and winter. There is no off-season every year.

  In Du Laermei's view, it is also a very feasible and good thing to use film and television dramas to drive Inner Mongolia tourism to "overtake on curves".