The dazzling of "V-Unbeatable" continues until the 30th of this month on the main stage

20 breathtaking minutes in the global village... signed by "the invincible individuals"

  • The band's performances mix dance and acrobatics.

    Photography: Ashok Verma


Combining dance and aerial acrobatics, the "V-Unbeatable" troupe (the invincible individuals) performs at the Global Village stage, the region's first family destination for culture, entertainment and shopping, in its 27th season.

The group, which won first place in the American talent program “American Got Talent” in 2020, brings together 45 artists on stage, presenting their creativity in dance and the arts of flying movements in the air with a breathtaking show that dazzles its viewers.

The executive and creative director of the band, Mahesh Moreh, told «Emirates Today» about the performances that are presented on the main stage in the Global Village until the 30th of this month: “The show that is presented in the Global Village is considered one of the longest performances that the band has presented since its inception, as it extends to Approximately 20 minutes, and it is considered long due to the difficulty of what the band presents, as it combines dance and acrobatics.” Global Village, and the age of the dancers ranged between 15 and 38 years.

Regarding the Global Village theater, he added that it is very suitable and can accommodate a large number of dancers, and that one of its positive features for this type of performance is the dazzling lighting, which adds to the sparkle of dancing.


Returning to the beginning of “V-Unbeatable” and the challenges it faced since its founding, Moreh explained that the band started by mixing Indian hip-hop dance with aerobatics, and the dream took off with 25 dancers, as its founder, Vikas Gupta, had a big dream that the band would reach the world, but he had an accident. He fell and was injured in one of the show trainings, and he died a month later from the injury, and it was the most difficult challenge.

And he continued, "Vikas' death frustrated all the members of the band, but his father continued the dream, despite the fact that he was unsupportive of his son at first, and the band achieved impressive global success, and the number of members rose to 45 dancers, with the support of the late Vikas' father."

The band participated in some competitions in India, including "Dance Plus", and achieved a large audience, until they were contacted by "American Got Talent". The band, after this important global title, the “Corona” pandemic and the state of closure prolonged, but that prompted the band members to more insistence on continuing the dream, considering that presenting performances in the Global Village is an additional success step, as it is the band’s first performances in the Middle East.

Team Chemistry

For his part, choreographer and one of the founders of the troupe, Omprakash Chauhan, said about his design of the performances: “I used to watch gymnastics teams, and from here the idea of ​​​​mixing gymnastics and Indian dance began, and thus this dance was born in a different form that carries many challenges;

Most notably, the team’s harmony in presenting this type of performance, which can only be achieved through training for long periods, and therefore the daily training hours reach eight hours.

He pointed out that the preparation for the Global Village show took nearly two months, especially since the band’s previous performances were only about three minutes long, while the Global Village show extends to 20 minutes, which is the longest ever since the band was founded, which made it a great challenge. to all dancers.

Chauhan praised the audience of the Global Village, as the show addresses many cultures and nationalities, and is the first in the Middle East region, expressing his happiness with the audience's reactions and great admiration for the show, which is the largest on stage.

Regarding the difference between the beginnings of the band with Vikas and the situation of the band today, Chauhan, who founded the band with Vikas in India, pointed out that «the Vikas period was fraught with challenges and attempts to succeed, and today the band achieved spread, and this is what I wanted him to see, as he was seeking to achieve success. and dedicate it to his family.”

As for the Deputy General Manager of “V-Unbeatable”, Vipav Gupta, he said that he started with the group as a dancer, but today he takes over the administrative work, adding that “the main challenge in working with the group is that no kind of mistakes are allowed on the stage, as the show carries some Acrobatic movements that require a lot of precision, and if the dancer makes a mistake, he may be exposed to real dangers, and therefore training for long hours is important and essential in our work.

• 45 artists, members of the band that won the title "American Got Talent" in 2020.

dream story

V-Unbeatable was founded by Vikas Gupta and Omprakash Chauhan, who were striving to provide a decent life for young people suffering from difficult living conditions in India.

The band initially bore the name “Unbeatable”, or what means invincible individuals, but the alphabet letter “V” was added to its name later in honor of its founder, Vikas, after his sad death due to an injury he suffered during dance training, and to be a permanent motivator for the band members to continue and persevere in achieving his dream. With success, reaching the world, and maintaining a decent quality of life for them and their families.

The troupe is currently preparing to open the first performing arts academy in Mumbai, in order to provide more opportunities for young people to pursue their dreams.

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