It will be cold again from today (16th).

A cold wave warning was issued again in some metropolitan areas such as Seoul and Gangwon, which has already snowed heavily.

Be careful on the icy road on your way to work today.

Connect to the weather center to find out more about today's weather.

Please tell the caster Sujin Ahn.

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Yes, you should wear sturdy clothes when you go to work today.

After the snow and rain clouds passed, the cold came again.

A cold wave warning has been issued again in the metropolitan area and Gangwon area, and the current temperature in Seoul is minus 4.3 degrees, starting about 7 degrees lower than the same time yesterday.

Because of the wind, the perceived temperature dropped to minus 13 degrees Celsius.

We are departing from sub-zero temperatures throughout the inland.

Even if it is daytime, the cold in the sub-zero range will continue, such as staying at -1 degree Celsius in Seoul.

It seems that the cold weather will continue throughout this week, so you need to pay special attention to keeping warm.

In addition, there are slippery places due to the rain or snow that fell yesterday, so be careful when moving.

Until this morning, there will be times of light rain or snow around the east coast, and the rest of the sky will be clear.

Today, the flow of the atmosphere is smooth, so the fine dust concentration will be good to normal.

Be careful of strong winds in the mountains of Jeju and the coast of Jeonnam.

Snow and rain are expected in the Midwest on Thursday.