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, I think we need to talk."

Thus, without preamble,

Pablo Motos

started the moment that everyone was waiting for, the first television appearance of

Tamara Falcó

after her reconciliation with

Íñigo Onieva


Reconciliation, as Juan del Val said,

"thank goodness you didn't record that song with Bizarrap"


It wouldn't have been a bad idea anyway, if Bizarrap has managed to get Shakira to vocalize, with

Tamara Falcó

maybe it would also do the miracle.

The fact is that the reappearance of

Tamara Falcó

was so eagerly awaited that

El Hormiguero

dedicated half an hour of the program to the table of collaborators every Thursday in which

Tamara Falcó

as a habitual norm or does not answer, or just laughs or only hits the monosyllables.

Well this time, no.


Pablo Motos

asked him the question and saw that

Tamara Falcó

was already with her "mmm", the presenter made it very clear: "You are not going to start like this, are you?"

Because one thing is that when the table talks about politics, current affairs, etc.


Marquise de Griñón

prefers to keep quiet and another thing is that the interview with last night's guests was shortened so that she could speak and do what she always does to them.

In fact, there are already several times that

Pablo Motos

has had to warn him live.

Last night, it only took a "you're not going to start like this" and a "I'll ask you a question and you tell it all at once" for

Tamara Falcó

to start off.

Although she had already told everything, it is not the same to read it than to see it.

Exactly, it is not the same to see

Tamara Falcó


Either you get lost, or you have to put all your senses to work to avoid getting lost in the thousand intricacies of her expression.

He's talking to you about the Midnight Mass as well as about her mother and "Uncle Julio."

So I don't know which is better, whether to let her talk about the pull or mark the times.

"Full sentences is what you want by 2023, right?"

Tamara Falcó



It is because of these phrases that you realize that the silly image that

the Marquise de Griñón

transmits is just a mask.

I have said it many times and I will not tire of repeating it,

Tamara Falcó

is not a fool.

Look how the thing is that, as it already happened with the breakup, knows perfectly well that for

El Hormiguero

he has to save something that he only gives to

El Hormiguero

, which is at the end where he has a fixed chair and from where he gets paid.

Tamara, Íñigo and a midnight mass

When the break with

Íñigo Onieva

occurred ,

Tamara Falcó

gave Sálvame an unexpected gift, a live show without cash involved, which went around Spain.

Two days after that morning she sat down in

El Hormiguero

and, even telling the same thing, the story had much more to it than what she had said so far.

Last night, the same thing happened.

Pablo Motos

's question

was very simple: "What happened for you to have given yourself a second chance?"

The rest had to be all



"We decided to bury the hatchet Christmas week," her story began.

We all already knew that, so

Pablo Motos

did what he has to do, as a guide.

If you have

Tamara Falcó

on your set and she is going to tell you the same thing, that's bad.

So while the idea of ​​telling it all in one breath wasn't entirely bad, it was necessary to remove the unnecessary layers to get to the core in question.

"You were messaging?"

Pablo Motos

cut him off at the start.

Now yes, straight away, but straight away in the

Tamara Falcó

style -how to make a song with


!-: "No, because I didn't have my phone number and she told a friend. And on the 24th, with the spirit of the Christmas I said 'why not go to mass together'. At 7:00 p.m. I sent him a message to see if he wanted to accompany me to the midnight mass. He told me that he was in trouble but that he was going to try and then he appeared on home and greeted everyone.

He appeared at home, sad after, with the shoe behind.

With the whole family, with

Isabel Preysler

tucked into bed, with the brothers, with the nephews, with the gifts already delivered because "my nephews are very young", and he appears, he appears suddenly, without warning -"in my We are very civilized at home"- and on Christmas Eve, as

a surprise gift from Santa Claus


According to Tamara Falcó

's theory

, developed in her early childhood, why are you going to take two fights, when you can accumulate everything in one.

The Marquise's theory is that when she was little and her parents asked her if she had done well on a test, she always answered yes, even though she had done terribly wrong.

When the grades arrived and there was her suspense, she would get angry, but she had avoided the first one by saying that she had done well.

This is

Tamara Falcó

, don't think about it anymore.

With this theory,

Tamara Falcó

thought that why would she tell them that

Íñigo Onieva

was going to come and that the first row would fall on him, if later they were going to see him and the second would fall on him.

Each one with her theory.



not see

Íñigo Onieva


She, who goes to bed very early on Christmas Eve -we will have to believe it, dear innocents- was in bed.


only told her, "Mom, there is someone who wants to greet you", to which


replied, "who", and


only said, "I'm going to mass".

And to mass that she left with her ex.

What has united the mass of the Rooster, let no one separate it


The catharsis of Tamara Falcó

They had such bad luck -we must also believe it- that one of the best friends of the director of Hola! magazine was on the bench next to the church.

Of course, they had already been caught.

Mass, fine, but the director's call didn't take long to arrive:

"Tamara, have you returned with Íñigo?"



Tamara Falcó

was "made a mess" and she was not there to respond at that time.

What a list is, my mother!

The mass ended, they buried the hatchet,

Íñigo Onieva

took her home in his car, everything was "very beautiful", they spoke of the divine and the human, a "catharsis" took place.

"What is a catharsis?" asked the Marchioness when

Cristina Pardo

used the word to describe that conversation.

Tamara is a catharsis in itself


"And did he kiss you?" asked

Juan del Val


Poor inocent!

How they were going to kiss in catharsis!

"No, no, what are you saying, it's one thing to bury the hatchet and another...",


Tamara Falcó

, to which

Pablo Motos

could not help but reply, "well, I would have screwed up".

You, and any of us.

"And from there we started messaging. And on the 31st I said, no man,

18 messages a day

, no. I wrote to him then and told him that I wanted to start the year off right and that's it. He told me okay, well we'll leave it like that That afternoon I had a terrible time making a list that Father Cruz had told us of the 40 ways to love."

Now yes, the catharsis.

And in between that suffering,

Isabel Preysler


Mario Vargas Llosa

came out , in which

Tamara Falcó

did not want to enter too much, and with her media capacity, she diverted the subject towards the conversation that clicked in her head .

It was his mother, how could it be otherwise, who began to talk about

"Uncle Julio"

-for the clueless,

Julio Iglesias

, and his breakup and his horns.

Apparently her mother gave a speech about how her heart had been broken and

Tamara Falcó began

to "think a lot."

She thought so much that on December 31, when there was one minute left for the bells to ring, she wrote a message to

Íñigo Onieva

telling him if she came to see her.

"And she took her motorcycle and came

. "

If the motorcycle had been a white horse, we would already have the complete tale of princesses and knights.

But, again, the coincidences of life -we will have to believe it too- meant that at midnight on December 31 there was a photographer at the door of his house, who photographed


's motorcycle , and there was no way to stop it.

Look, she's very smart, but we're not stupid.


Pablo Motos

pointed out , what was a photographer doing on December 31 at the door of her house waiting for what?

Sad after, to the shoe from behind


And from there, love returned to its channel.

Tamara Falcó

decided to give it a try, despite the fact that her mother advised her that whoever does what Íñigo Onieva did never changes.

"Well, I do believe that people change because I have changed throughout my life. And I

had two options, try or live calmly. And I chose to try

, "confessed the Marquise.

"And are you going to get married?" Was the obligatory question, after the story of Midnight Mass, catharsis, grapes, Uncle Julio, reconciliation and trip to the North Pole.

"Yes, God willing," replied

Tamara Falcó


That was also known.

"And when?" asked

Juan del Val


"In following episodes of El Hormiguero".

Needless to say more.

So that later they say that it is stupid!

To be continued...

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