• To fight against dropping out of school, the association Entreprendre pour savoir encourages the creation of mini-companies.

  • At the college of Cleunay, in Rennes, it is within the ULIS system that the project was born. 

  • These college students have the ambition to create an anti-stress ball with odors.

    An object that would allow them to evacuate their fear of going to the board. 

“At first, nobody liked this project.

We were just writing, it was long”.

Seeing Jonathan express himself with such ease in front of an audience of adults, we are far from imagining that the teenager was still steeped in fear at the idea of ​​going to the blackboard a few months ago.

Schooled within the ULIS system of the Cleunay college, in Rennes (Ille-et-Vilaine), the young man of almost 15 years has been participating for a few months in a “mini-company” project.

With his classmates, the 4th grader imagined an anti-stress ball tinged with odors.

A project that they will carry out all year long and of which they must address all aspects: how to manufacture it, then finance it, with what materials and what impact on the planet... This idea, it was the students who had it by sitting around a table to talk about their fears.

“For all of us, the big stress was going to the board, that's what bothers us.

This ball, it could allow us to relax, it could be useful to others too, ”explains Léana, registered in 4th in Cleunay.

The teenager, like several other college students, takes advantage of the ULIS system.

These localized units for inclusive education are open to students with mental, hearing, visual or motor disabilities.

"I call them my extraordinary", slips their teacher Marie Blais with a smile.

Every day, she welcomes a dozen students in her class from 6th to 3rd grade to offer them education adapted to each person's background.

A great means of inclusion which makes it possible to fight against school dropout, which concerns 90,000 young French people each year.

“Me, I prefer to be in front of grown-ups”

When they are not in ULIS, these students are educated in an “ordinary” environment.

A great way to fight stigma even if life isn't easy every day in this fast-paced world.

“I prefer to be in front of grown-ups.

When we speak in front of the class, they are too excited.

At the slightest thing, they will laugh, ”says Chaïka, 13 years old.

In a few months, this teenager with a wide smile found in this mini-company project a way to flourish and work in a group.

"And without bickering," laughs Jonathan.

This project launched at the end of 2022 aims to introduce the world of business to the youngest.

By imagining their anti-stress ball, these students gradually become aware of the usefulness of their courses in college for their future.

“When we talk about finances, we do math.

When they prepare their presentation, we use French.

When they do their poster, it's still French,” explains their teacher.

A way to learn differently for all those who do not recognize themselves in the classic scheme of National Education.

Soon 500 mini-business projects in Brittany

ULIS students from the Cleunay college are not the only ones to benefit from this educational program.

Led by the association Entreprendre pour savoir, it should even be more and more visible in establishments in Brittany.

"Our objective is to double our resources to triple the number of projects and increase to 500 supported classes", assures Gaël Le Bohec, president of the Breton branch of Undertaking to learn and former deputy.

Partly financed by the AlphaOmega foundation, the association tries to fight against school dropouts by offering alternative learning methods that include small businesses.

The objective: to allow the student to become aware of his potential.

“In France, there are 20% of students for whom school is not doing well.

After presenting their project to the rectorate and the press, the students of the Cleunay college must now reveal it to the establishment's nurse to obtain their opinion and advice.

Another opportunity for them to brave their fear and prepare for the hard life of adulthood.

“At first, I was stressed, I was scared.

But when I see what we have done, I am proud of us”.

One thing is certain.

The mini-company has already enabled Jonathan to emancipate himself.


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