• A 42-year-old man, described as "a real force of nature" and "presenting behavioral problems", violently attacked part of the medical team at the Lesparre-Médoc clinic on Tuesday.

  • The individual was hospitalized automatically in a psychiatric unit, at the Charles Perrens hospital in Bordeaux.

  • “The situation remains very tense in the service” this Wednesday, indicates the director of the mutualist clinic of the Médoc, the staff remaining “very shocked.


The 350 employees of the Médoc mutual clinic, in Lesparre-Médoc (Gironde), remain in shock on Wednesday.

On Tuesday, the emergency medical staff of this clinic suffered a real outburst of violence from an individual admitted to the establishment in the morning.

The Bordeaux prosecutor's office indicates to

20 Minutes

that the 42-year-old respondent "was quickly agitated.

“During an examination, he grabbed an iron bar and started hitting the caregivers.

Five victims have been identified.

The person concerned was hospitalized automatically in a psychiatric unit, at the Charles Perrens hospital in Bordeaux.

“Hearings and investigations are ongoing.


"He threw the stretcher on the scanner and then retrieved an infusion stand"

Contacted by

20 Minutes

, the director general of the mutual health clinic, Yann Pilatre, recounts the scene.

“This patient had a behavioral problem, he was brought to the emergency room by his colleagues, and when he was going for a scan he lost his energy.

He threw the stretcher on the scanner then he recovered an infusion stand and returned to the emergency corridor to attack the emergency doctor.

He cut open his skull and fractured his hand.

He assaulted three other caregivers, who suffer from fractured noses or sunken chests, and a patient whose forehead he opened.

The individual, described as “a true force of nature”, was “in a state of maximum violence.


“Fortunately, continues the director of the establishment, a gendarmerie car was passing by, and the gendarmes were able to intervene in the minutes that followed and brought the madman under control.

“Psychological support cells were set up, “to take care of very shocked staff” and staff had to be called back “to stabilize emergencies overnight from Tuesday to Wednesday.


“Security project”

This Wednesday, “the situation remains very tense in the service” indicates Yann Pilatre, with strike movements which were triggered to demand in particular more security.

“This event remains exceptional, but comes at a time when the nursing staff is going through a difficult period.

To respond to his request, a security guard was dispatched to the site on Wednesday, but above all we are going to set up a larger security project for the establishment, with training or even surveillance cameras.


The director of the clinic explains that “two other cases of violence” have been identified within his establishment recently, and that “the situation in terms of verbal and physical violence has deteriorated very markedly since the Covid-19 and the confinements .



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