People's Daily Online, Beijing, January 11 (Reporter Liu Yingying) January 8, 2023 coincides with Su Shi's 986th birthday.

The large-scale stage drama "Su Dongpo" created by the Sichuan People's Art Theater was staged again in Chengdu recently.

  The drama "Su Dongpo" has been supported by the National Arts Fund and the Sichuan Arts Fund four times. It has toured many times and has been well received by many parties. The 2022 version of the drama "Su Dongpo" staged this time is to meet the audience again after a long period of polishing and improvement.

  The Sichuan People's Art Theater extracts Su Dongpo, a representative symbol of Chinese culture, and assembles the national first-class playwright Yao Yuan, the national first-class director Zha Lifang, the national first-class stage designer Han Sheng, and the Sichuan People's Art Theater national first-class actor Li Dongchang. Starring Li Yifeng, Li Zhiying, Zhang Yiao, Liu Yiting, and Tang Zhong, he created and arranged a large-scale high-quality original drama "Su Dongpo".

  Screenwriter Yao Yuan, who has won the Wenhua Award many times, and director Zha Lifang, who is known as one of the top five female directors in the Chinese theater circle, co-created the story of Su Shi, an eternal figure.

Yao Yuan said that the drama "Su Dongpo" condensed his re-cognition of Su Shi and sighed from the soul.

He said: "Su Shi digested the bitterness of life into poetry and dedicated it to us. His artistic conception shielded his adversity and turned into a series of colorful clouds on the horizon of history, which we can enjoy endlessly. "

  For Zha Lifang, "sincerity" is the core of the 2022 version of the drama "Su Dongpo". For her, Su Dongpo is not only a literary spiritual mentor, but also an elegant friend, and a representative symbol of Sichuan spirit.

  Since its planning, the play has lasted eight years, and its draft has been changed six times. Since its premiere in 2018, it has achieved great results. It can become a classic that can stand, pass on, and be preserved in the history of Sichuan and even Chinese drama." The drama "Su Dongpo" connects Su Dongpo's poetic achievements and emotional life through Su Dongpo's official career, and establishes a contemporary, It breaks through the original drama framework, creatively integrates the Sichuan opera composition of "accompaniment" and "drum master", and combines dance beauty and interplay roles to form a unique artistic space. Breakthroughs and transcendences have been achieved in terms of time and space, the integration of drama traditions, the uniqueness of character creation, and the regional cultural characteristics of the drama itself. It traces the ups and downs of Su Shi's life experience from the age of 44 to his death at the age of 64.

  It is reported that the play will then start a national tour again.

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