These days, during the day, I even think that spring will come.

Until the day after tomorrow (the 13th), there will be warmer days than usual.

First of all, the morning temperature starts at -1.1 degrees below zero in Seoul, but it will rise to 9 degrees during the day, similar to yesterday.

The days are getting warmer by the day, and tomorrow, the daytime temperature in Seoul will rise to a whopping 13 degrees, showing the spring weather corresponding to early and mid-March.

Currently, the concentration of ultrafine dust is still high in the metropolitan area, Chungcheong, and Jeonbuk areas.

It seems that the dust will continue to pile up in the western area today, so please make sure to wear a health mask.

The sky will be clear, and dryness will continue along the East Coast.

If you look at the temperature, the current temperature in Daejeon is -3.6 degrees Celsius, and Daegu starts at -1.2 degrees Celsius.

The rain will start from Jeju in the late afternoon tomorrow, and rain or snow will continue throughout the country until Sunday.

(Ahn Su-jin weather caster)