■ Editorial

  Staying away from wild ice and going to a regular ice rink is responsible for yourself, your family and friends, and it can also make skating more attractive and attractive.

  Recently, many people fell into the water while skating in the back lake of the Beijing Exhibition Hall. A video of rescuers holding hands and forming a "human wall" relay to pull out the drowning people attracted attention.

However, on the afternoon of January 8, a reporter from the Beijing News visited the waters where the incident occurred and found that many people were still playing on wild ice even though the highest temperature that day could reach 12°C. The banners had no discouraging effect.

  Winter skating is a "fixed column" for many people every year.

However, there are also some people skating on wild ice, skating on undeveloped and unsecured ice surfaces.

As a result, many safety hazards have been buried for winter skating, and even casualties have been caused.

  In the sub-zero cold weather, sliding and shuttling on the frozen lake is a traditional entertainment project. It can not only bring back the fun of childhood, but also a unique memory of winter.

In particular, ice and snow sports are hot in the post-Winter Olympics era, and more and more people choose to "go on the ice".

People's enthusiasm for ice and snow sports is also a precious legacy left by the Beijing Winter Olympics.

  As an important part of winter mass sports in the north, taking good care of this enthusiasm for "going on the ice" is good for your physical and mental health. From a national perspective, ice and snow sports can also help build a strong sports country and a healthy China.

  But all of this needs to be done under the premise of ensuring safety. Wild ice skating obviously violates the original intention of ice and snow sports.

  In the eyes of some, the temperature has reached below zero, the body temperature is very low, and the ice surface looks solid and thick, so the ice surface must be safe.

but it is not the truth.

Many times, the ice surface is not what we see with the naked eye.

For megacities like Beijing, the heat island effect is obvious, and the actual temperature may not be as low as predicted.

  Then, on a large-scale water surface, it is likely that the ice in some areas is thinner or even not frozen, and it is often difficult for players to predict.

In addition, due to the wear and tear of ice skates, ice carts and manpower, the ice surface has been unevenly stressed, and the wild ice has no special personnel and institutions to maintain it, so it is difficult to guarantee that there will be no accidents.

  In fact, tragedy is not far away from us.

On January 2, in an informal ice rink in Tongzhou, Beijing, two men fell into an ice hole and died unfortunately.

The occurrence of this tragedy is a warning to all wild ice skaters - don't wait until the tragedy happens to you before you start to face up to the risk.

  At present, it is especially necessary to call for the rejection of wild ice skating. On the one hand, it is because of the danger of wild ice skating. Many people walked onto the ice.

In addition, primary and middle school students are on vacation and unsupervised outdoor activities are increasing. It is also more necessary to reiterate the danger of wild ice skating and prevent problems before they happen.

  In fact, there are not a few regular ice rinks in Beijing, which are enough to meet people's winter skating needs.

Formal ice rinks do not "depend on the weather", but have a strict management process, and special personnel are responsible for supervision, emergency response, cleaning, and repairing the ice surface, etc., and the safety is guaranteed.

Moreover, the ice rink facilities are highly standardized, which is conducive to skaters enjoying the fun of skating in a standardized and safe environment.

  The weather in winter has been good recently, and on the eve of the Spring Festival, or parents with children, or with friends, some ice sports can be carried out.

Staying away from wild ice and going to a regular ice rink is responsible for yourself, your family and friends, and it can also make skating more attractive and attractive.