In Sumoto-cho, Amakusa City, Kumamoto Prefecture, where the “Kappa Legend” remains, a unique strap shaped like a “Kappa” face was presented to encourage third-year junior high school students who are preparing to take their entrance exams.

The “He Kappa Strap” is given every year by the Sumoto Town Community Development Council in Amakusa City to the local third-year junior high school students so that they can take the entrance exams without hesitation, and this is the 16th time.

The design looks like a smiling pottery kappa baked in a pottery in Amakusa City.

On the 10th, a presentation ceremony was held at Sumoto Junior High School, and Tadashi Umeda, chairman of the Town Development Council, encouraged the students, saying, "Overcome your worries and difficulties with the spirit of Kappa, and work hard toward your dreams." .

In response, Ms. Mei Harada, on behalf of the 16 third-year students, expressed her gratitude by saying, "From now on, I would like to focus on her even more and work hard on her studies."

A strap was then handed to each student.

The female student who received it said, "Until now, I was nervous about taking the exam, but I thought I'd try to relax a little more and do my best."