On the 8th, two men who went snowboarding at a ski resort in Hakuba Village, Nagano Prefecture and went missing, police suspected that they may have been in trouble while skiing in the backcountry outside the ski resort course. continue.

Two people who are missing are a 31-year-old man from Setagaya-ku, Tokyo who came to snowboard at Happo-One Ski Resort in Hakuba Village on the 8th, and a 34-year-old man from Matsukawa Village, Nagano Prefecture who is an acquaintance.

According to the police, the two of them visited the ski resort on a day trip, and the mountaineering report stated that they were planning to ski in a mountainous area outside the course, and the car they appeared to have been in was parked at the ski resort. It means that it was parked in the garage.

Under these circumstances, the police suspected that the two people may have been in trouble while sliding in the backcountry outside the course, and searched the surrounding area on the 9th, but they could not be found.

On the 10th, the search activity resumed after 10:00 am, and the police and others are looking for two people by expanding the range mainly in the mountainous area.

According to the Meteorological Observatory, it is snowing in Hakuba Village and visibility is poor at high altitudes.