China News Service, Huizhou, January 9th (Reporter Song Xiujie) The reporter learned from the press conference of the film "Never Fade" held at the Poly Culture and Art Center in Huizhou City, Guangdong Province on January 9th that the famous actor and artist Zhang Guangbei filmed in Huizhou, Guangdong Province. Starred in the movie "Never Fade".

  The producer and producer of the movie "Never Fade", Liu Xiuyin, general manager of Zhibo Industry, film director and producer Chen Weitian, co-director and powerful actor Gao Guangyou, national first-class actor Zhang Shan, female number one Sun Shanshan, etc. Also "appeared" here.

The picture shows the filming scene of the movie "Never Fade".

Photo provided by the producer of the movie "Never Fade"

  The movie "Never Fade" is a movie about the rural revitalization of Huizhou.

The creation of the story is based on the effective connection between the souls of the two generations of soldiers and the revitalization of the countryside. It vividly reflects that soldiers will always maintain their true qualities as soldiers at the grassroots level.

The film is strongly supported by the Department of Veterans Affairs of Guangdong Province. It is Huizhou's first rural revitalization red cultural theme film. It is of great significance for telling the red story of Huizhou and writing a new chapter of Huizhou's rural revitalization.

  In the movie, Chen Tiejun, the old village secretary and veteran, is determined to "lead the people in his hometown to start a business and become rich, and to build the green water and green mountains of his hometown into a red historical and cultural tourism base based on the Dongjiang column."

The main location of the film is Gongzhuang Town, Boluo County, and part of it was shot in other counties and districts of Huizhou.

  "We hope that more audiences can know and understand Huizhou through movies, discover Huizhou's beautiful countryside, and remember Huizhou's local customs." Wang Shulin, chief of the Propaganda Film Section of the Huizhou Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, said that the creation of the movie "Never Fade" is very important. It is of great significance to tell the story of Huizhou well and spread the voice of Huizhou. I hope to take this shooting as an opportunity to discover and experience the beauty of Huizhou from the perspective of film and television professionals, and to empower the revitalization of the countryside after the broadcast.

The picture shows the scene of the press conference of the movie "Never Fade".

Photo by Song Xiujie

  The leading actor Zhang Guangbei said that Huizhou is a beautiful place. "Never Fade" is different from my previous shooting themes. We chose a real battle site as the shooting location, which more intuitively and vividly shows the red culture of Huizhou Dongzong. At the same time, many elements of rural revitalization are integrated in the film, showing the new style of Huizhou's rural revitalization from multiple angles. It is a rural revitalization work that fits the characteristics of the times.

  It is understood that "Never Fade" will be launched on December 28, 2022, and the filming work is currently progressing in an orderly manner, and it is expected to officially meet with the audience around July 1 this year.

The film has been preliminarily approved by CCTV Movie Channel, and will be broadcast on CCTV-6 Movie Channel.