Comedian Ji Seok-jin confessed his feelings about the failure to win the '2022 SBS Entertainment Awards'.

On the 6th, on YouTube's 'Pyeonhan World', Ji Seok-jin's sincere conversation with the YouTube crew during a year-end dinner was revealed.

On this day, the production team opened up to Ji Seok-jin, "I have a question, but I ask it carefully. During the 'Entertainment Awards', Seokjin-nim whispered to Jae-seok-nim. What did you say?"

Yoo Jae-seok, who previously won the '2022 SBS Entertainment Awards' grand prize, said in his acceptance speech, "I want to give all the glory to Seokjin-hyung." did," he said.

Regarding the situation on this day, Ji Seok-jin said, "I really cursed (Yoo Jae-seok)," and laughed by reenacting the situation at the time.

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Then, when the production team told him that he was filming TV with his mobile phone in preparation for his grand prize, Seok-jin Ji said, "I was really okay. Jae-seok also talked about it (with his acceptance speech), but I think the whole of 'Running Man' received it. Again, ' Jaesuk, a member of 'Running Man', received it, so there is nothing sad about it."

Ji Suk-jin then said about the atmosphere of the award ceremony, which was driven by the main candidates for the grand prize, "It was all artistic 'Tiki-Taka'. I didn't plan to do that at the scene (because it was fun), but the scene was passed to me. So the atmosphere was crowded," he said, "It doesn't matter. How do you pay attention to everything and buy it?” he expressed his honest feelings.

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Then he said, "I feel sorry for the fans, so that's more precious to me." "When you think about the grand prize, it's a very burdensome award. It's also a questionable part of 'did I really do that much?' If you received the grand prize, it is not an honorable award."

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