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The ranking is drawn up every year and

some twenty cities,

towns or municipalities classified as the most touristic in Europe are included in it.

This time, more than 400 places

participated in the election ,

of which only 20 have been chosen, voted for by more than half a million travelers from a total of

182 countries


Responsible for the classification?


European Best Destinations (EBD)

organization , based in Brussels and whose objective is to promote culture and tourism in the Old Continent under the supervision of the Eden network, dependent on the European Union.

And only one Spanish destination appears on the list: Marbella, which has won

second place

, only behind Ljubljana, the Slovenian capital chosen as the best for a few

days of vacation

in European territory according to the aforementioned voters.

Panoramic of Marbella with the mountain in the background.

Among the main reasons given by the organization for choosing these cities are their

ease of movement

for a short urban getaway (although it can also last for a week, a month or whatever it takes), that it has

good weather,

is a romantic spot, perfect for shopping or cultural activities and allowing an immersion in nature.

Marbella meets all these requirements of European Best Destinations for being a point of reference on the Costa del Sol, first of all, which means a

privileged temperature

throughout the year.

Not in vain, the organization has taken into account its status as "the capital of the sun of Europe" for the nomination.

It also stands out that it is a good place to relax full of

elegant hotels and restaurants,

as well as its infinity of local craft shops or its infinity of places to practice outdoor sports such as golf.

In the economic aspect, the EBD highlights the harmony of Marbella with

digital nomads,

as well as being an interesting place for investments and sustainable tourism.

Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, is the first on the list.SHUTTERSTOCK

As for Ljubljana, voters highlight its wide range of culture, art, entertainment and

green spaces.

Another of its assets is the possibility of exploring its historic center comfortably on foot or by bicycle, due to the number of lanes of this type that exist.

Its charming

shops selling local products,

its charming hotels or its

lively cafes

are also some of its attractions.


1. Ljubljana (Slovenia).

2. Marbella (Spain).

3. Amiens (France)

4. Plovdiv (Bulgaria).

5. Leuven (Belgium).

6. Oradea (Romania).

7. London (UK).

8. Nijmegen (Netherlands).

9. Lahti (Finland).

10. Istanbul (Turkey).

11. Amalfi Coast (Italy).

12. Prague (Czech Republic).

13. Rome (Italy).

14. Bavaria (Germany).

15. Athens (Greece).

16. Clonakilty (Ireland).

17. Vienna (Austria).

18. Lucerne (Switzerland).

19. Graz (Austria).

20. Crete (Greece).

After Ljubljana and Marbella, the

top ten

European cities are made up of the following: Amiens (France),

Plovdiv (Bulgaria),

Leuven (Belgium), Oradea (Romania), London (United Kingdom), Nijmegen (Netherlands),

Lahti ( Finland)

and Istanbul (Turkey).

All of them get the approval of half a million people who have participated in the election due to their capacity for their

good communications

, their green spaces, their cultural life or their nightlife.

The Turkish city of Istanbul.

The remaining 10, according to the order of voting, are the Amalfi Coast (Italy), Prague (Czech Republic), Rome (Italy), the Bavarian region (Germany),

Athens (Greece),

Clonakilty (Ireland),

Vienna (Austria ).

), Lucerne (Switzerland)

, Graz (Austria) and Crete (Greece).

All have managed to enter the ranking of the organization dependent on the EU, which also reviews the best locations for a

Christmas getaway

, the most spectacular European beaches or the secret corners of the Old Continent.

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