(New Year's news) "Cooking tea around the stove" has become the new social favorite of Chinese young people, spawning a new wave of consumption during the Spring Festival

China News Agency, Changsha, January 7th: "Cooking tea around the stove" has become the new social favorite of Chinese young people, which has spawned a new wave of consumption during the Spring Festival

  China News Agency reporter Tang Xiaoqing

  "On New Year's Eve, I will put on red Chinese costumes with a few friends who are not going home, cook tea around the stove, talk about the world, and spend the New Year romantically." There are still more than ten days before the Spring Festival of the Year of the Rabbit, and "post-90s" Zhou Chuan will come Go to a new Chinese-style teahouse on Chaozong Street in Changsha and book a place for "making tea around the stove".

  Light a fire, burn a pot of tea, put two handfuls of dried fruit, roast a few oranges, sit around the fire with three or five friends, drink tea, chat and warm up... This winter, "cooking tea around the stove" has become a popular trend in major cities in China. The phenomenon-level consumption hotspot has become the trendy lifestyle and social new favorite of young people who are most "out of the circle".

  "While drinking tea while chatting, it's very pleasant to release stress." Zhou Chuan told reporters that in the Chinese New Year of the Rabbit, many young people, like him, will include "brewing tea around the stove" as a must-have item.

  In fact, "making tea around the stove" has a long history. In ancient China, it was called a tea banquet. It was a kind of tea drinking and chatting between friends.

Today, the popularity of this traditional way of drinking tea is nothing more than the experience process full of ritual and atmosphere, which meets the consumption needs of contemporary young people and provides a new social scene.

  According to data from Dianping, a third-party consumer review website, since November 2022, the search volume for the keyword "making tea around the stove" in China has increased by 1173% compared with the same period in 2021. Chengdu, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Suzhou, Changsha , Guangzhou and other places have the hottest online sales.

The topic of "making tea around the stove" occupies the hot list of major platforms.

Taking the social platform Xiaohongshu as an example, there are more than 60,000 notes on "making tea around the stove", and many bloggers actively share the camera angles of "making tea around the stove".

  "Cooking tea around the stove" not only represents a new way of socializing, but also hits the younger generation's yearning for the warm and slow life in ancient times, adding a moment of poetry to modern life.

Grasping the "traffic password", many merchants began to aim at the layout of the Chinese New Year in the Year of the Rabbit.

  The reporter visited a number of teahouses in Changsha and learned that during the Spring Festival, some businesses will launch a series of "cooking tea around the stove" packages, such as light cooking years, slow cooking life, evening chats around the stove, and slow enjoyment of the New Year.

"The price for the New Year is 188 yuan (RMB) per person. Red lanterns, Spring Festival couplets, and blessing characters will be arranged on the spot, and tea guests will be taught to make dumplings in the shape of rabbits." The fifth day of the new year.

  "Post-80s" Qin Xin transformed her quaint old house into an outdoor small courtyard for "making tea around the stove", which became a place for young people to check in.

"On weekdays, calligraphy and paintings, round fans, and lamps are used to decorate the tables. During the Spring Festival, we plan to introduce free Hanfu experience to attract young people. The sense of ceremony and the atmosphere of taking pictures are full, so it is easy to produce films." Qin Xin revealed that many teahouses will also use "rabbit" to raise eyebrows. The "Rabbit" package is named after blessings such as Qi, "Rabbit" making rapid progress, "Rabbit" suddenly becoming rich, and the former "Rabbit" is immeasurable.

  Some young people also began to plan to realize "freedom to make tea" at home during the Spring Festival.

On multiple online shopping platforms, ceramic teapots, charcoal stoves, electric ceramic stoves, grilling nets, bamboo chairs and other equipment required for "brewing tea around the stove" are selling well.

"I bought an electric ceramic stove, as well as baked foods such as glutinous rice cakes, chestnuts, thumb corn, and marshmallows. I plan to cook tea with my family while watching the Spring Festival Gala. Then I will share the photos on social media." "Post-95" The girl Liu Lu said.

  "'Boiling tea around the stove' combines traditional culture, tea culture and consumer demand, creating a new consumption scene. The 'warm economy' in winter and the Spring Festival economy usher in a new track." Qin Xin believes, "Boiling tea around the stove" Combined with the rabbit element, it is expected to become the most fashionable game for young people in the new year of the Rabbit.

  "With the rise of the national tide and the blessing and drive of the Internet celebrity economy, tea culture is embedding young people's social life through the collision of traditional culture and modern life." Gu Junqi, who studies tea culture, said that the topical and social attributes of cooking tea around the stove It may become a new custom of tea culture during the Spring Festival, and it will be accepted by more young people and radiate lasting vitality.