• The regulation of the low emission zone (ZFE) of Toulouse tightened on January 1st.

  • Private vehicles classified Crit'Air 4 or 5 are no longer allowed in town.

  • Fines can be issued to offenders, although automated controls will not see the light of day before 2024.

Even some GPS have gotten up to speed.

Those who are up to date now indicate when crossing the "border" that you are entering the famous Low Emission Zone (ZFE) - a vast perimeter located inside the ring road of the Pink City and delimited to the west by the Arc-en-ciel ring road, where the most polluting vehicles are prohibited.

Private vehicles concerned

The major novelty, in force since January 1, is the inclusion in the Toulouse system of individuals who own the oldest cars or two-wheelers.

More precisely machines with Crit'Air 5 (grey), 4 (burgundy) or out of class stickers.

These are petrol cars registered before 1997, diesels before 2006 or two-wheelers before 2004.

Automatic checks postponed to 2024

Compliance with the metropolitan ZFE is the responsibility of the State.

Ultimately, the idea is to install automatic radar capable of reading the plates of offending cars.

But this system, which will have to take into account the many derogations, still requires technical development.

“The State is already working on this alongside local authorities in order to achieve this by 2024,” indicated the Ministry of Ecological Transition on October 25, 2022.

This leaves more than a year before seeing the landing of an “automatic control-sanction” system.

Fines of 68 to 135 euros already possible

But it is still better to stick your Crit'Air sticker on your windshield and respect the rule right away.

Because there are still human controls and even if a "pedagogical" instruction is given initially, fines can now theoretically arise.

“As part of roadside checks, the police check, depending on the type of vehicle, whether they have a Crit’Air sticker allowing them to travel in the ZFE area, indicates the Haute-Garonne prefecture.

People who do not comply with this measure can receive a class 3 (68 euros) or class 4 (135 euros) fine depending on the type of vehicle.


“Free-ZFE” access to take the metro

Can we still take the metro with our old jew's harp?

Concerning three of the Tisséo car parks located on the edge of the perimeter, the frequently raised question was provided for in the decree of February 2022 establishing the ZFE.

It allows you to take parts of the tracks regardless of the color of your vignette: avenue Paul-Ourliac to get to the Basso-Cambo terminus, boulevard André-Netwiller (between numbers 21 and 32) for the Borderouge terminus, and a section of the Agde road to access the Argoulets car park.


ZFE in Toulouse: What does the “petitsrouleurs pass” authorize?

Miscellaneous facts

Haute-Garonne: Crit'Air vignettes, a new niche for crooks, alert the gendarmerie

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