My body shrank from the cold.

The temperature in Cheorwon, where there is still a cold wave warning, dropped to minus 16.8 degrees Celsius.

The temperature in Seoul is still below average at minus 4.2 degrees, and the cold continues.

Even during the day, there must be many areas where the temperature feels below freezing.

In the southern region, the cold will be much better as the temperature in Busan rises to 9 degrees.

This cold will continue until the morning of tomorrow (5th), and from the daytime, the cold will ease as it returns to the normal level.

Dryness is getting worse day by day.

Along the East Coast, the dry warning was upgraded to a warning.

A dry warning has also been issued in Seoul.

Since the effective humidity is low, it is an environment where it is easy to catch fire.

Today, it will be mostly sunny without worrying about dust.

From nighttime, dust begins to accumulate in the Honam and Jeju regions, and instead of the cold ending tomorrow, the dust concentration will appear high in places in the west, including Seoul.

From Friday afternoon to Saturday morning, there is news of rain or snow across the country.

(Ahn Su-jin weather caster)