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The background of the disclosure by Son Heung-min's personal trainer Ahn Deok-soo, who is known to have been operated separately from the Korea Football Association's medical team before and after the game of the Korean national football team at the 2022 Qatar World Cup, has been revealed.

On the 2nd, entertainment media Dispatch reported, "Trainer Ahn Deok-soo stayed at Hotel Y in Qatar with a business airline ticket booked by a national team player in November and managed 5-6 players a day, 15 hours a day."

It is known that the Korea Football Association did not officially hire Ahn Deok-soo because of his qualifications, even though the Korean national soccer team players relied heavily on him due to the dedicated management of trainer Ahn Deok-soo.

Rather, some members of the association responded that "Trainer Ahn is excessively greedy."

Previously, Ahn Trainor posted an exposé along with a photo taken with the players in the field after the national team finished their journey to the round of 16 of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

He said, “There were many things in Room 2701, and if reporters contact us about why Room 2701 came into existence, we will be able to learn more about things beyond common sense beyond imagination.” I have criticized and left questions.

(Reporter Kang Kyung-yoon of SBS Entertainment News)