The fantastic series "Olivier and the Robots" was released in the ivi online cinema.

Each episode of the project is a separate life-affirming story about the near future with robots, artificial intelligence and other latest technologies.

In total, viewers will be able to see six stories: “Braveheart”, “Hi, Andrey!”, “Acquaintance”, “Teacher of the Year”, “Robot Vsevolod” and “Process”.

The directors of the series were Alexey Kamynin, Anatoly Koliev, Sergey Naumov, Tatyana Paleeva, Alexander Irinarkhov and Sergey Filatov.

The roles were performed by Gosha Kutsenko, Yulia Topolnitskaya, Yegor Koreshkov, Nikita Kukushkin, Irina Gorbacheva, Askar Ilyasov, Olga Medynich and other artists.

The action takes place in the 2030s.

Each series highlights the interaction between man and technology: these are stories about how the introduction of new developments into life can harm humanity or, conversely, make life easier.

In the first episode, we are talking about a young man, Renata, who loses his job in a food delivery service due to the introduction of delivery robots into a corporation.

The guy cannot find a new place to earn money, loses his home due to lack of money and goes into the forest, where he earns his livelihood by hunting those same delivery robots.

Soon he meets other people deprived of income and home and teaches them everything he has learned.

Thus, a new settlement is formed in the forest, and the brave Renat is elected its king.

The main tasks of the tribe are survival and hunting.

Important topics are presented in a satirical way, which makes the series unobtrusive and entertaining.

Nevertheless, at some points the humor looks out of place.

This is especially felt in the first episode, where the behavior of the protagonist is highly exaggerated.

At the same time, the acting does not correspond to the intended emotions, as a result, the character behaves so unrealistically that immediately everything that happens on the screen begins to seem completely unnatural.

Usually the first episode sets the mood for the whole series, but in this case it is not.

The second episode is much more impressive in concept and implementation.

It tells about the girl Vika, who suddenly goes to visit her beloved Andrei.

The couple has been dating for six months, but the girl has never been to his house.

However, Andrey did not just invite Vika to visit: he hid six clones.

Arriving uninvited, Vika can reveal the guy's secret.

Andrei and his clones are played by Yegor Koreshkov.

Each of his characters has its own character, manner of communication and behavior, and the actor successfully embodies seven different roles on the screen at once.

Anastasia Akatova is also convincing in the role of the kind and slightly naive Vika, who, despite her friend's warnings, believes that Andrei is not a psycho.

  • © Shot from the filming of the series "Olivier and the Robots"/

By the way, the satire in the second episode looks appropriate and sharp.

The authors of the tape show how technological capabilities turn a person into a real lazy person: why do something yourself if a clone can do it for you?

Andrei even has a clone in charge of dating, and one that drinks and philosophizes for him.

In general, the idea of ​​​​the series is interesting and topical.

However, from time to time, especially when watching the first series, one gets the impression that the filmmakers were engaged in production in haste.

The theme of the future and technology provides a spacious field for fantasy, and the writers did not fully use it.

After all, what the viewer sees on the screen has already been covered in other projects or even exists today.

For example, delivery robots do not look super-technological - they are more like a mini-refrigerator on wheels, similar inventions are already being used in a number of countries.

Many details are thought out and correspond to the time given in the tape, but there are things that prevent complete immersion in the atmosphere of the future.

For example, in the second episode, the characters have transparent thin mobile devices, high-tech computers and locks on the doors, but the taxi car shown in the series is from our time and does not at all look like a car of the future.

Among other things, the influence of other projects on the plot of the Olivier and the Robots series is noticeable.

So, the very idea of ​​an anthology, combined with the topics covered, vaguely resembles the popular foreign TV series Black Mirror.

In addition, the project has parodies of the "Game of Thrones", and the name resembles the concept of the project "Love.



By the way, after watching two episodes, it is not clear why Olivier is in the title.

There is no obvious explanation for this, and it seems useless to look for a deeper meaning in this case.

Perhaps the filmmakers added it to the title to coincide with the release of the series for the New Year.

Despite the shortcomings, "Olivier and Robots" is a fun and easy project that will fit well into the festive atmosphere of a feast with a real salad and a glass of sparkling wine.