On December 29th local time, the star that always shines in the football memory of fans all over the world, the king of football Pele left us.

In fact, Pele is not the real name of the king.

His name was Edson Arantes do Nascimento, and "Pelé" was the nickname given to him by his elementary school classmates.

Later, it was football that introduced us to Pele, and the name became synonymous with football to some extent.

Beginning in 1958, Pele led Brazil to three World Cup titles in 12 years.

He single-handedly established the Brazilian dynasty in world football, and the beautiful samba football is still continuing today.

In the history of football, how many juniors have set his goal forward. They climbed to the peak of each era, infinitely close to him, but no one can surpass him.

When Bailey was 80 years old, he recorded a video and said to everyone: "When I go to any place in the world, I will be received very attentively, and the doors of all parts of the world will always be open to me. football."

In fact, the definition of football has not changed because of him.

There are talents from generation to generation. In the long river of time, we will witness the new kings of different eras in world football "ascend to the throne", but there is no more football king Pele in the world.

[Editor: Li Jun]