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  • Today, "Murders that do good" by Karsten Dusse was published on September 22, 2022 by Éditions ChercheMidi

Livresdesophie, bookstagramer and contributor to the reading group 20 Minutes Books, recommends “Des murders qui faire du bien” by Karsten Dusse, published on September 22, 2022 by Éditions ChercheMidi.

His favorite quote:

"And I didn't kill my first man until I was forty-two. Which in my current professional environment is rather late. Well, it's true that a week later, I was already at almost six murders ".

Why this book?

  • Because this book is original and very rare,

    because mixing cozy-crime and personal development would seem to be nonsense… and yet, it gives this nugget!

  • Because the second degree is very present

    from the beginning to the end of the novel, the corpses (because yes, there is not only one) are also very present and the whole contrasts well with the lessons of mindfulness of the coach Breitner.

The essentials in 2 minutes

The plot.

After his wife's ultimatum, Björn, an organized crime lawyer, will try to convert himself into a follower of mindfulness thanks to the advice of coach Breitner... However, he may not follow them to the letter...


Björn embodies the overwhelmed lawyer, a workaholic who hasn't learned to drop out and even less to decompress.

But thanks to the coach's precepts of well-being, he will learn to see life differently, although always under this cynical and ironic gaze.


The story takes place in a town in Germany, but three are the key locations in the story: Björn's business, his wife's house and his daughter's kindergarten.

The time.

It is a topical novel, even if it is not specified.

Who has never heard of meditation, mindfulness and well-being?

The author.

Of German origin, Dusse is a lawyer and is himself a follower of the practice of mindfulness.

This is his first novel where he dismantles the mechanisms to adapt the coach's advice to a funny thriller, very amusing and very amoral.

This book was read with

great humor.

It's a great achievement, especially for a first novel.

I had a pleasant time reading which allowed me to relax and have a good laugh!

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