In response to the rapid spread of the new corona infection in China, the government will take temporary border measures from the 30th, such as conducting inspections at the time of entry for those entering from China.

The government's temporary border measures include those who have entered Japan by direct flight from mainland China, and those who have traveled to mainland China within the past 7 days. do an inspection.

Those who test positive will be quarantined at the holding facility for 7 days if they have symptoms and 5 days if they are asymptomatic.

In addition, in order to investigate whether new mutations have occurred in China, all positive cases will be subject to genome analysis.

Furthermore, in order to ensure thorough immigration inspections, the airports for direct flights between Japan and China will be limited to four airports: Narita Airport, Haneda Airport, Kansai Airport, and Chubu Airport, and airlines will be requested not to increase the number of flights. Did.

However, direct flights from Hong Kong and Macau will be allowed to arrive at New Chitose Airport, Fukuoka Airport, and Naha Airport if it can be confirmed that no one has traveled to mainland China within the last seven days.

The government wants to decide how long to continue these temporary measures while looking at the infection situation in China.