A sad record for the UK and for the planet.

“The year 2022 will be the hottest year on record in the UK.

While many remember the extreme heat of summer, what has been remarkable this year is the relatively consistent heat throughout the year,” Mark McCarthy of the Met Office said in a statement. British Meteorological Service.

The average temperature for the year will be known in January but it should exceed the previous record of 2014 (9.88°C), according to the provisional data available.

Each of the four seasons this year is one of the ten hottest ever recorded since the creation of national records in 1884, specifies the Met Office which is based on its provisional data which will be formalized once the year has completely passed.

The 40°C mark exceeded for the first time in history

“The warm year is consistent with the actual impacts we expect from human-induced climate change,” added Mark McCarthy.

The year 2022 had started with a January 1st with record temperatures, with more than 16 degrees recorded in London.

Every month of the year, with the exception of December, experienced average temperatures above normal for the season.

In July, temperatures exceeded 40 degrees for the first time in the UK, the driest month on record in many parts of southern and eastern England, forcing authorities to introduce travel restrictions. water in places.

Beyond the record temperatures, the Met Office points out that the year was particularly dry, with rainfall well below average.

In France, the year that is ending will also remain as the hottest year ever recorded, Météo-France had indicated at the end of November.


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