BTS RM's personal album ranked 3rd on the US Billboard's main album chart, the highest for a Korean solo artist.

This album cannot be described without mentioning the late artist Yoon Hyung-geun, the master of Korean monochrome painting.


BTS RM's first official solo album Indigo.

On the 17th, it debuted at No. 15 on the Billboard 200, the main album chart of the Billboard, and jumped to No. 3 after escaping the rankings for a while.

This is the highest ranking ever for a Korean solo singer.

In this album, the influence of the late Korean Dansaekhwa master, the late Yun Hyeong-geun, whom RM has always admired, is palpable.

[The late Yun Hyeong-geun fostering artist (from Yun): This is what you have to live in the truth for the rest of your life.

In Plato's humanities, it is the essence of human beings...


The first song on the album that starts with the voice of artist Yun during his lifetime, the title is also Yun.

In this dedication song, RM promises to make Yun's life and art the coordinates of his life.

[He always said, Be human first. Don't think about art, play and feel the joys and sorrows...


In the album photo, Yun's 1972 work 'Blue' and RM are together.

[RM (Sketch Video for Album Jacket Shooting): He (Artist Yoon Hyung-geun) is a transitional work right before he makes his signature work.

So I haven't found my signature yet and I'm going to the process, but I've become a very natural person (meaning.)]

Painter Yoon served as an art teacher at Sookmyung Girls' High School in 1973, and the head of the Central Intelligence Agency Hu-rak Lee supported the admission of students. After arguing for corruption and going through hardships for violating the anti-communist law, he began to release representative works featuring black pillars.

[Art critic Lee Jin-sook (appearing in the newsroom 'Curtain Call'): RM actually discovered Yoon Hyung-geun's early works.

(Like RM) I think it's very rare to pay homage to one's own world well.] In

addition to Yun, RM, who has presented various art-inspired works, was included in the list of art world innovators selected by Artnet News, a famous art medium. It was a natural thing to happen.

(Video editing: Lee So-young, Lee Seung-jin, Hwang Ji-young, VJ: Oh Se-gwan, video source: National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Big Hit Music, RM Twitter, Instagram)