• MasterChef Christmas You do chas!

    and Isabel Díaz Ayuso appears by your side

We must be thankful that the

MasterChef Christmas

special programs only have two tests and do not last more than a little over two hours.

After the dizziness with the broadcast of the second program -that if first on Sunday, then on Monday-, finally


, due to the low audiences made in the first, decided to move the next program of the culinary talent to Monday.

Of course, if Thursday started at 10:15 p.m., last night it was going to start three minutes before 11:00 p.m.


Because now there is no


-they are reruns-, but


has placed four days of

The Island of Temptations: 3 months after

10:00 p.m. to 10:50 p.m.

If it had already had a poor audience in the first one, imagine if it has to compete with the reality show that has given


the most joy in recent months.

Well come on, another bit of dizziness.

Then we criticize that if


does real atrocities with its programs and the grid, but here nobody is free from sin.



thing with


is something that has been happening for a long time.

It already happened with

MasterChef Junior


When the audiences were not the usual ones for the culinary talent,


began to experiment with soda and change the programming, the time and whatever was necessary.

What has been mistreating a production.

Well, with

MasterChef Christmas

has happened again.

Since the audience was not good in the first

MasterChef Christmas

program , in which Isabel Díaz Ayuso appeared, it was time to start beating blindly to see if it improved on Monday and to see if it did not have to compete with any of the strong ones.

Well, at least, the




has shorter programs, with only two tests, although ending at one in the morning isn't it either.

Yes, children are on vacation, but their biological clock is still daytime.

What time would it have finished if it had started at 10:10 p.m., well, a little later than 12:30 a.m.

Better not?

Everyone against Cayetana in MasterChef Christmas?

The fact is that in the second program there were no controversies.

Neither did the president of any Autonomous Community appear by surprise, nor did

Cayetana Guillén Cuervo

get angry as if there was no tomorrow with any of the children.

Quite the contrary, he even made peace with



Cayetana Guillén Cuervo

has promised

that they are going to take things the way they are.

Come on, it's going to lower the intensity a little bit.

And it's making a real effort, because last night when

La Terremoto de Alcorcón

used its advantage in the first test and froze the actress for 10 minutes, I thought the pots were going to go off like cluster bombs.

But no,

Cayetana Guillén Cuervo

endured the pull, repeated inside and forcibly 100 times that nothing was happening, and I wait, hugging



Now, if looks could kill, the actress and presenter would have killed all the former celebrities.

"It's that


is very competitive. Me too, but less," said La Terre, who did not really want to make use of her advantage, but was forced by the


, especially by Javi, who convinced her since

Cayetana Guillén Raven

had gotten 10 more minutes of cooking by choosing



"We are very sorry ,


, but this is Democracy," one of the girls told her as if the


kitchens were the Congress of Deputies.

The excuse was perfect as you have 10 more minutes, we freeze you and so you don't use them.

The problem is that they froze her when she had already been cooking for 5 minutes, so when her companions began to cook, she was still frozen. Justice, what is called justice, of course.


Cayetana Guillén Cuervo

has been repeating the two broadcast programs : "


is the hardest thing I've ever done in my life."

And really, I believe it.

Cooking for

Cayetana Guillén Cuervo

is like being on the front line of a battalion.

It ends as if she's been beaten up or she's given it to someone.

And it is that, apart from her intensity,


really has a hard time.

She then pulls herself together and loves it, but she suffers eternal pain every time she has to red-handed.

In the first test, the applicants had to play a food


to choose the main ingredients of what was going to be their


dinner .

After seeing them like Pinito de Oro doing stunts to get their limbs where they could best, it was time to choose the helpers, the


, and start cooking.



carried with him an advantage or a disadvantage.

Of course the fat bitch went to

Boris Izaguirre

, who became everyone's helper.

Whatever his companions asked him to do, he had to do.

And there was



What torture!

But look how

Florentino Fernández

knew how to handle him.

It is true that he did not help the comedian at all, but Flo knew how to keep him entertained so that the punishment was not so much.

And what happens when the devil has nothing to do?

Well, whore

Boris Izaguirre


And because it is

Boris Izaguirre

that if he comes to touch the disadvantage of

Cayetana Guillén Cuervo

, puts the child in the freezer, locks it and throws it into the sea.



, bring me a plate. No, bring me two, No, three. No, four. No, five";



, clean the kitchen";

"Boris, bring the blender...".

"But why are you asking for things we don't need,"

Florentino Fernández

insisted, suffering from the torture he was subjecting his partner to.

Let's leave it like that, better.

Bibiana Fernández and the catch of Jordi Cruz

The applicants who would take the black apron and, therefore, would go to the


test had to come out of this test .

If in the first program there was no first test and they went directly to the outdoor test, in this second, there was no outdoor test and from the first they went directly to the elimination test.

And here was the no more.

Carmina Barrios


Anabel Alonso


La Terremoto de Alcorcón


Bibiana Fernández

were chosen by the judges after presenting dishes that had a little of everything and almost everything more than average.

When they saw

David Pallás

, the king of chocolate, appear through the door, the grimace on their faces turned dark.

Every time


goes to


, more than an elimination test is a punishment.

This time he was not going to make chocolates or spectacular chocolate cakes, this time it was the most difficult yet: the


trompe l'oeil .

For example,

Carmina Barrios had to make a chocolate rabbit that really looked like a rabbit and not "a rooster", as

Pepe Rodríguez

told her


But, without a doubt, and above all, no matter how hard it was for her to end up being expelled from the second

Masterchef Christmas

program , the trunk of

Bibiana Fernández


When he put it in front of the judges' table for them to try it, no one could believe the perfection that

Bibiana Fernández

had achieved .

It's just that she looked like the trunk of a real tree.

Neither the judges, nor the guests, nor the pastry chef, nor her companions believed it.

"How marvelous!" the white aprons said from the balcony.

It was so perfect that when

David Pallás

went to cut it, it even creaked.

But then,

Jordi Cruz

, with the fly behind his ear at such perfection and by the hand of

Bibiana Fernández

, discovered the deception:

Bibiana Fernández

had left the mold with which she had to make the shape of the trunk inside the chocolate trunk.



Jordi Cruz

did not realize that the perfection of the trompe l'oeil trunk was due to

Bibiana Fernández

's mistake ,

MasterChef Christmas

could have become something similar to Carrie's dance, but instead of bloody with vomit.

It is true that when they tasted it and removed the silicone mold in question, everyone recognized that for the "chaos" that he had had in the kitchens, he was very rich.

The best thing is that not even

Bibiana Fernández

was aware that the mold had been left inside the trunk.

In fact, when

Jordi Cruz

showed it to him, his reaction was even more epic than the ruling: "But what is that? Is it the mold? It's just that I'm very silicone, you know."

And no matter how rich he was and no matter how well he had taken it, the judges' decision was not going to be difficult.

How did

Boris Izaguirre

, who suffers like no one else with his companions, realize when he saw the mold on the trunk!

Bibiana Fernández

was expelled.

But you know what?

I wish everyone would take things the way

Bibiana Fernández

does .


Samantha Vallejo-Nágera

asked her if she had enjoyed cooking and she replied, "I'd better shut up, it's Christmas",

Bibiana Fernández

showed that she was at a level that neither trompe l'oeil, nor trunk, nor mold.


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