“Christmas is coming, but the hearts of ordinary Americans are not happy - new taxes, new price increases.

The poor got poorer, the rich got richer.”

Valentin Zorin, however, spoke about the approaching New Year.

But does that change anything?

Christmas has come.

And if Zorin knew what troubles fall on the heads of ordinary Americans... In addition to prices and taxes.

Let's talk about a white woman. 

Who built her own happiness with her own hands and talent, married a white man at the age of 19 and is still happily married to him, recorded a lot of beautiful rockabilly and country hits, was a charming ten-year-old child with a dynamite brand voice, later turned into a beautiful and incredibly attractive girl and world music star of the first magnitude, even later - she matured beautifully and with amazing calmness and gradually grew old (after all, this is how human nature works), without changing herself, style and the simple fact that she was and remains a woman . 

Uninteresting story?

From what?

No drive and heat?

Is everything primitive and bland?

Boys are boys and girls are girls?

And that's true - some kind of wildness.

Maybe it's for the best that Valentin Zorin is not reporting live from New York these days... Where would he find the words to describe what he saw?

There are such words.

But we cannot afford them - due to innate intelligence ...

Brenda Lee.

Her height was a little less than one and a half meters - with an ideal figure and a voice that no one knows how fit in it.

She easily blocked the hall with her frantic vocals - you heard Jambalaya, Dynamite, Sweet Nothin's and Baby Face performed by her and you know that it is at least impossible to maintain a static position when listening to these tracks.

However, I like St.

Louis Blues and Weep No More My Baby - how she can give cracked and hoarseness (absolutely playful - her voice is the purest).

Or maybe you have never heard any of this - what kind of miracles do not happen in the sublunar world.

By the way, all of the above was recorded by her at the age of 14.

Something at 16. At 15. At 17.

No wonder when and if the heavenly father pointed his finger at you.

In general, it seems to me that, tired of slob boys (Elvis does not count - he is a maniac of musical labor), in that office they reasoned (and quite sensibly) that a decent girl would only benefit the newly appeared style, and Brenda justified the trust.

After the tragic death of her father (she was not even ten then), it was she who dragged her family on her own, speaking on local radio, local fairs, children's holidays and adult festivals.

And no matter how it was beaten, we still mention: with the microphone lowered as low as possible, she invariably had to stand on a wooden box in those years - she was not tall enough.

We also note that the audience did not allow themselves chuckles and other giggles.

With a voice like the trumpets of Jericho, she kept any crowd in obedience.

Or maybe you really don't know any of this.

But for sure, with a probability of 400 percent, they heard at least 400 times in their life just such a song of hers - Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree.

There is about Christmas, all sorts of dances, pumpkin pie and good traditions of decorating the walls of dwellings on the eve of the holiday.

Holly branches.

This is the holly.

With red berries...

Family values.

All generations under one roof (at least on the days of celebrations).

Gifts, all sorts of cute trifles, handmade.

And again, this most boring nerd thing: boys are boys, and girls ... are girls. 

The mentioned song of Brenda, with great joy and secret hope of deliverance, is listened to in one stupidly famous film by one never growing up, eared and sweet boy, abandoned by evil (I would not say) fate and extremely inattentive parents all alone on Christmas Eve in the middle of a three-story cardboard a plywood mansion with an attic and a huge basement.

He still fights there with moderately evil robbers and finds a reliable friend in the person of a murderous janitor (yes, he is not a murderer at all - the sweetest grandfather).

That's nonsense, too.

Just a boy, he just has parents, they just live.

Even a janitor, a limited nonentity, cannot change his gender!

I'm the one who's so happy about Christmas and Brenda Lee - something is still (frighteningly, haha) unchanged.

And so the film is dubious, it is high time for the Americans to ban it at home (and everywhere else).

And wash off the films.

And if you can’t wash it off, burn it.


But for so many years, Little Lee's song has inspired those very ordinary people around the world who have just a family and just a life.

How did you, unnamed (named) bastards, manage to reach all this simplicity, which is life itself, with your sticky paws? ..

It would seem that Brenda Lee recorded a simple song about a family holiday at the age of 14, not really understanding what she was doing.

The producer said: “So it is necessary”, and she herself liked the song - a happy Christmas, which, like in the movies, was not very accessible in childhood (the most common story of poverty in rock and roll is below the line), and then a new contract, crazy possibilities.

She slept well.

To the full inner coil.

In the Nashville studio on the day of recording gathered the coolest studio musicians: Floyd Kramer on piano, Boots Randolph on saxophone, Bob Moore on bass and Buddy Harman on drums.

By the way, in many Elvis records you hear them all - you just don't know about it.

Or maybe you know.

On December 11, she turned 78. Yes, yes, I know it’s not particularly customary to ring about women like that all over the world, but here we are dealing with a star of rockabilly, rock and roll, country and ballads.

With a star, I repeat, of the first magnitude, now alive and continuing to perform from time to time, so that all the limits of decency are met.

Brenda Lee.

Little Miss Dynamite.

And you know what?

It is of little interest to anyone now - I speak to the "leaders of public opinion."

A white woman who did not make any revolutionary statements about the fate of the worlds, but constantly made the highest quality recordings - the very tracks that we are listening to. 

Having avoided scandals with producers and recording studios, she sacredly follows the once chosen musical style - her roots.

Who needs this in today's America?

Is it possible for any dinosaurs who always dream of a society of justice, prosperity and universal prosperity?

The same dinosaurs that, hand in hand, hustle around the Christmas tree, smeared with pumpkin pie and whipped cream? 


Nobody is interested.

But in you, my readers, I firmly believe.

America betrayed itself too long ago and ceased to be worthy of the kings and queens of the South.

Official America.

People, red-necked hard workers with a banjo at the ready, there is no question of them: they are worthy.

They themselves are the kings of the South and the North.

Throne base. 

It is not known why I delved into meaningless philosophy and grumbling ... Therefore, let's return to the music and the main hit of the charming and still beautiful Brenda Lee.

To Christmas, Winter and Holiday Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree.

Believe me, she, that song, has no equal.

Every year she breaks into the charts.

Leading the parade.

Breaks new barriers of millions of official (and not so) downloads. 

We hear her.

And nobody!

Almost no one connects the melody, forever stuck (and good!) In our subcortex, with a very middle-aged woman who never bothers about the “much necessary” endless plastic surgeries and endless world tours.

She went through all the stages of her life incredibly beautifully, equally accepting the different seasons, the ups and downs of sales and circulation.

For the most part, with over 50 successful albums, she never cared.

And how joyful in the days of the general madness of “true tolerance and new enduring freedoms” to watch the fate of the true queen of the South, the rockabilly and country star, the little girl near the huge microphone - still young and so sweetly smiling Brenda Lee.

May false kingdoms fall and devoured by decay from within.

Long Live Rock 'n' Roll!

Rockin' around the Christmas tree

At the Christmas party hop

Mistletoe hung where you can see

Every couple tries to stop.

The point of view of the author may not coincide with the position of the editors.