“On Saturday, the temperature will be -2...+3 °С, rain and sleet, small but tedious precipitation, black ice.

The weather is expected to be uncomfortable.

However, compared to the one forecast on Sunday, it will seem just wonderful.

On December 25, due to a sharp cold snap, all this porridge under our feet, which we have observed in recent days, will turn into ice gullies.

It will be very slippery and dangerous," TASS quoted him as saying.

According to Vilfand, on Saturday the temperature background will be 7-8 degrees above the norm.

On Sunday night, the temperature will drop to -7...-9 °С in Moscow and -10...-11 °С in the Moscow region.

Earlier, Vitaly Kabyshev, chief instructor and head of the Stability Control Driving Academy, told which cars can pose the greatest danger in icy conditions.