Today (24th), the day before Christmas, is also very cold.

The cold wave will continue until tomorrow.

While cold wave warnings are currently being issued in most parts of the country, the temperature this morning in Seoul dropped to minus 13.5 degrees Celsius, and the perceived temperature was close to minus 20 degrees.

Today, the daytime temperature in Seoul will stop at minus 3 degrees, and the cold will continue all day long.

Snow has stopped in most areas.

In Jeju Island, there will be places where it snows until tonight.

The wind will also blow very strong.

Skies elsewhere will be clear today.

In Yeongdong, Gangwon and the east coast of Yeongnam, the atmosphere is dry, so you need to be careful of fire accidents.

If you look at today's detailed daytime temperature, Seoul -3 degrees, Jeonju -2 degrees, Gwangju -1 degrees, and the west area stays below zero even during the day, and the snow freezes as it is, so the road is very slippery.

Next week will not be as cold as this week.

However, morning temperatures are still expected to be lower than normal.

(Im Eun-jin weather caster)