Our language that we cherish


Ahmed bin Abdulaziz Al-Haddad

December 23, 2022

Every nation has a language in which it communicates, and with which it cherishes and fights for its survival, and God Almighty has willed to make the difference of people’s tongues a divine norm, and a sign of His verses, glory be to Him, in His creation, so that He inspires every nation a language to coexist with, and often these languages ​​have turnout and turnout, except for our Arabic language. It does not accept the retreat, because God Almighty distinguished it from characteristics that are not found in other languages.

It is the language that God Almighty made the language of His clear book, and the language of His chosen Prophet, the trustworthy one, whom God chose as a messenger to the worlds, upon him from God the best prayers and peace, and it is the language with which God Almighty preserved the religion, and it is the language in which the truth, glory be to Him, was entrusted with many meanings, and a comprehensive vocabulary. , and the brilliant beauty, and the magnificent, which is not found in other languages, and above all that it is preserved, does not accept dissolution, and remains as long as time and human beings remain.

This is the Arabic language as it is, so it does not need testimony from anyone who glorifies its greatness, shows its virtue, the beauty of its style, and the stability of its existence, but what we need is its children;

It is what we must do as an Arab and Islamic nation towards this great language, and it is a lot.

The first of that is to be proud of it because it is the language of the Noble Qur’an, which was revealed in a clear Arabic tongue, and it is the ancient speech of God Almighty, and His speech, glory be to Him, is one of His sublime attributes. Exalted be He in this world and the Hereafter, and it is the language of the religion that we owe to God Almighty in our witnessing to Him, and we pray with it, and we remind Him of it.

Secondly: Our language is our original Arab heritage, which we must preserve more than the material heritage.

Because nations are proud of their language and do not neglect any of it, although it speaks and renews from time to time, so hardly anyone knows its ancient language except specialists, while our Arabic language is old and new, and its new is old.

The third: that we preserve its rules that are the basis of its beauty, and the legal and moral rulings that necessitate reward or punishment follow from it, and by which a person is honored and knows his virtue if he maintains performance, or is insulted and diminishes his value, as they said:

The grammar is correct from the tongue of the alken, and the person honors him if he does not melody

And if you ask the sciences for it, then postpone it for the benefit of the resident of tongues.

It is also necessary for specialists to know its morphology, its statement, its meanings, and its beauty that characterizes this language and by which the eloquence of the Noble Qur’an is known.

Fourth: Taking care of the jurisprudence of language, for our language has many structures, wide meanings, and this is rooted in the Holy Qur’an and ancient Arabic poetry, and Arabic literature in general, poetry and prose, and all of this contains expressions whose meanings you may not be ignorant of.

And it is indicated in the jurisprudence of language, so it was necessary to pay attention to the blogs of jurisprudence of language, which are many, praise be to God, and for their sake and the most modern and broadest of all, the Arabic language dictionary issued by the Arabic Language Academy in the Emirate of Sharjah, which was established by His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi - may God protect and preserve him - It has issued 36 volumes of it to the letter “al-Zaal” and it is expected that it will be in 100 volumes, preserving the jurisprudence of language in its broadest sense.

This is the least of our duties towards our great language, which nations are proud of. Indeed, nations need it in their official documents.

• Our language is our original Arab heritage, which we have to preserve more than preserving the material heritage.

"Chief Mufti, Director of Ifta Department in Dubai"

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