Today (23rd) is the coldest this winter.

The temperature felt in Seoul went down to minus 20 degrees Celsius.

It seems that there will be a lot of snow today in Honam, Chungcheong, and Jeju.

We connect weather casters in Yeouido, Seoul.

Caster Ahn Su-jin, how cold is it today?

<Weather Caster>

I've been broadcasting several times since winter, but it's never been this cold.

I came out wearing four or five layers of clothes.

Also, I came out armed with gloves and a scarf, but the cold penetrates all parts of my body and makes me shrivel.

It feels even colder here because of the wind, so you should really warm up today.

We need to continue to prepare for heavy snow in Chungcheong, Honam, and Jeju regions.

First of all, the current cold wave warning has been extended to Chungcheong, central and southern regions.

The temperature of Mt. Seorak, where a cold wave warning was issued, is 25.3 degrees below zero, the coldest in the country.

The temperature in Seoul is also 13.4 degrees below zero, and the wind feels like a Siberian cold wave as it drops to 22 degrees below zero.

Even during the day, it will be the coldest this year, with temperatures of minus 9 degrees in Seoul and minus 4 degrees in Daejeon.

Here, the wind blows strongly around the coast, so you need to take good care of the facilities.

Meanwhile, it continues to snow in Chungcheong, Honam, and Jeju.

Focusing on these areas, very strong snow of 3 to 5 cm per hour will fall while repeating the strong and weak today.

If you look at the amount of snowfall, more than 30 cm of snow will fall in the mountains of Jeju and up to 20 cm in Honam, and 5 to 15 cm of snow will pile up on the west coast of South Chungcheong Province.

A lot of snow has already fallen in these areas, and additional snow is expected to fall, so be careful not to damage it.

The cold will continue until Sunday, Christmas Day.

It will snow until tomorrow in Chungcheong, Honam, and Jeju regions.