, Zigong, December 21 (Liu Gang) The Zigong police in Sichuan reported on the 21st that recently, the Public Security Bureau of Gongjing District, Zigong City successfully detected an online gambling case of this year’s World Cup and arrested 18 suspects. There are more than 200 personnel, and the amount involved is as high as more than 50 million yuan.

  According to reports, the Gongjing District Public Security Bureau, with the full assistance of relevant departments of the Zigong Public Security Bureau, successfully locked a platform account that was opened on an overseas website through careful investigation and clues in the early stage, and developed subordinate agents in Zigong and Chengdu. Online gambling gangs where a large number of gamblers place bets and gamble.

  After careful deployment, the Gongjing District Public Security Bureau mobilized more than 50 police officers to carry out network collection operations in Zigong and Chengdu at the same time.

In this network collection operation, 18 criminal suspects involved in the case were arrested, 20 mobile phones involved in the case, more than 400,000 yuan of funds involved in the case, and 8 vehicles were seized on the spot.

More than 200 people involved in gambling have been preliminarily identified, involving more than 50 million yuan in gambling funds.

Capture the scene.

Photo courtesy of Zigong Police

  At present, 18 criminal suspects including Zheng Moumou, Chen Mou, and Zeng Mou have been taken criminal compulsory measures by the local police in accordance with the law due to the crime of opening a casino, and the case is under further investigation.

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