In response to the fact that a group home in Esashi-cho, Hokkaido, proposed sterilization when a resident with an intellectual disability wanted to get married or live together in the facility, Governor Suzuki of Hokkaido said that next month. We have indicated a policy to investigate whether there are similar cases in all facilities for persons with disabilities.

Governor Suzuki, who was interviewed by reporters in Tokyo, said, "We are currently confirming the facts, but if a user of the group home wishes to get married, etc., it will be sterilized against the person's will. If it is found that the business operator is not providing appropriate services, we will consider necessary measures based on the Comprehensive Support Act for Persons with Disabilities." I was.

In addition to the fact-finding survey that is scheduled to be conducted in response to the successive abuses of residents at facilities for persons with disabilities in Hokkaido, we will also look for similar cases in facilities for persons with disabilities throughout Hokkaido next month. I indicated the policy to investigate.