Today (20th), the cold will stop for a while.

Daytime temperatures in Seoul will recover to zero in a week, and overnight temperatures will not drop significantly.

However, since the day after tomorrow, the cold weather is predicted, so the temperature change should be noted.

Clear skies are now visible across the country and the air is clean.

There will be no special rain or snow forecast today, but rather dry weather will continue in the East Coast region.

The highest temperature during the day will rise to 1 degree in Seoul, 3 degrees in Daejeon, and 9 degrees in Busan.

The problem is that it will snow and rain quite a bit across the country tomorrow.

It starts at dawn, so it seems that strong snow will be concentrated especially in the middle of the rush hour, so it is better to use public transportation as much as possible.

After the snow and rain have stopped, it will once again be freezing cold, dropping to minus 14 degrees on Friday.

(Taebin Yang, weather caster)