[Concurrent] Wang Kunsen

  This five cents, five cents, this is the best.

  Flashlight, there are good things.

  It's not smelly, it's smelly (because) things are dirty, but in my heart, I (think) neither smelly nor dirty.

  [Explanation] The old man in front of me is named Wang Kunsen, and he is ninety-one years old this year.

Before retiring from the army, he was an army officer. After changing his career, he worked in national defense education at Zhejiang Medical University (now Zhejiang University School of Medicine) until his retirement.

In order to help out-of-school children, in 2012, Grandpa Wang started collecting waste to raise funds, and it has been more than ten years now.

  [Concurrent] Wang Kunsen

  Pensions are our pensions. Who gave them, the Party and the people, and why?

Take care of my body, I hope I live a few more years.

I can't use this to sponsor other people's families (difficult children), it's boring (not good) to take this (money).

It is wrong and inappropriate for me to use this money for that (student aid).

How to do?

So if I want to help others, I need to contribute the value I create to others.

  [Explanation] After the baptism of the first snow, the winter in Hangzhou has become colder and colder.

At midnight, Wang Kunsen pushed a tricycle out of the house as usual.

Having just undergone a heart operation, Grandpa Wang's physical condition is not as good as before.

But the trunk of the cart is full of hopes of out-of-school children, and the rickety old man can only pedal half-circle and half-circle in the "squeak".

  [Concurrent] Wang Kunsen

  During the daytime, I am not (only) the one who picks up junk. There are many people who pick up junk. You can pick up junk during the day. Anyway, I have a pension, so I don’t worry about it.

You (daytime scavenger) have a rest, you don’t scavenge anymore, I will scavenge.

There are computers, TV sets, and microwave ovens.

Then, if I pick up these things and turn them into money, I will have the money to sponsor others to go to school.

  [Explanation] During the ten years of picking up waste, Grandpa Wang sponsored a total of seven students.

With the help of Zhejiang University, the old man also set up the "Wang Kunsen Scholarship" to help more children.

Grandpa Wang said with a smile that people must have will and a sincere heart to help others, and they will pursue public welfare undertakings all their lives.

  [Concurrent] Wang Kunsen

  To live and be old until my last breath stops.

I said that life is endless and good deeds are endless. I am not dead yet, and I will not stop.

  Your heart must be (sincere), and your heart must be sincere. If your heart is not sincere, if you can't persist, it is impossible to persist for so long.

The smelly and dirty things in the trash can, why not do it?

Have will.

Now that I have helped others, I have to be sincere.

Everything in the world is valuable and can be exchanged for money. Only a pure and kind heart is a priceless treasure.

I help children go to school, I have to be sincere, this is my priceless treasure.

  Shen Yishan and Wu Liujing reported from Hangzhou, Zhejiang

Responsible editor: [Li Ji]