I'm worried about heavy snowfall and accidents in the west coast, but I need to prepare for the cold in other regions as well.

Tomorrow (18th), the strongest cold wave this winter has been predicted.

I am a weather caster in Sinchon, Seoul.

Castor Yujin Nam, you were wearing thick clothes a while ago. How is the weather outside?

<Yujin Nam>

Yes, I brought all of my cold-weather items, including gloves, hot packs, and a scarf.

The cold is so bitter right now that my face is frozen, and my body is shrinking.

Currently, the temperature in Seoul has already dropped to minus 7 degrees Celsius, and the feeling is even lower than this due to the cold wind.

Citizens are also moving their steps with their bodies shrunken.

A cold wave warning was issued in most areas of the country, and a cold wave warning was issued in most areas of the central and northern Gyeongsang Provinces.

In addition, for the first time this winter, a 'warning' stage was issued for freezing water meters in Seoul.

You must be very careful about freezing and bursting accidents.


They say it will be colder tomorrow.

Are there places where the temperature drops to minus 20 degrees?

<Yujin Nam Weather Caster>

Yes, that's right.

The coldest day this winter was 11 degrees below zero in Seoul last Wednesday.

Tomorrow is expected to be 13 degrees below zero in Seoul, which is 2 degrees lower than this.

However, because of the cold wind, the perceived temperature will drop to minus 17 degrees, and the coldest place in the country is expected to be minus 21 degrees in Eumseong, Chungcheongbuk-do.

The cold will ease for a while in the middle of next week, but only for a short while.

Next weekend, the cold wave will come again around 10 degrees below zero.

(Field progress: Shin Jin-soo)