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Eduardo Pelegrín Martínez de Pisón, better known as

Calpurnio Pisón

in the world of illustration and comics, died this Thursday at the age of 63 as a result of a long illness.

The illustrator, considered one of the most outstanding Spanish cartoonists and animators of the last three decades, was the father of

El bueno de Cuttlas

, the popular comic book character published in magazines such as

El Víbora


Makoki and in the




El País.

He is also in international publications, such as the Japanese


or the Brazilian


In addition, he was the author of numerous

audiovisual and graphic arts works

, including posters, album covers, comics, exhibitions, and animated films.

Drawing of 'The Good of Cuttlas', by Calpurnio. WORLD

Calpurnio Pisón was born in Zaragoza in 1959 and began his career in 1988 in the Infographics department of the

Heraldo de Aragón


From 1995 to 2001 he worked in the newspaper

El País

and between 2004 and 2015 in the newspaper

20 minutos


At present his works were published in the

Plaza Magazine.

In 2016 he won the Aragonese Comic Award in recognition of his entire career.

His best-known work is the comics of

El bueno de Cuttlas


a character he "killed"

on a couple of occasions but had to "resurrect" at the request of his innumerable followers.

The protagonist is a doll with

simple lines and naive style

, a cowboy transported to the present time with a very particular concept of life and human relationships.

His reflections are existential aphorisms.

All-round graphic artist, specializing in illustration for the press and promotional and advertising works related to the world of culture, Calpurnio Pisón considered himself a "cartoonist for comics and graphic press, illustrator, scriptwriter and director of cartoons, amateur noise musician and video jockey" .

One of his last works was the poster for

the Zaragoza Comic Fair

, which is held from December 16 to 18 in the Multipurpose Room of the Auditorium in the Aragonese capital.

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