Before the 22nd anniversary of the murder of a family of four in a house in Setagaya Ward, Tokyo, on the 10th, investigators from the Metropolitan Police Department distributed leaflets and called for information near the scene.

On New Year's Eve 2000, at a house in Kamisoshigaya, Setagaya Ward, office worker Mikio Miyazawa (then 44), his wife Yasuko (then 41), the eldest daughter Nina-chan (then 8), and the eldest son Rei-kun (then) It will soon be 22 years since the murder of the four people in 6) remains unsolved.

On the 10th, more than 50 investigators from the Metropolitan Police Department handed out leaflets and masks describing the characteristics of the criminals at Seijogakuen-mae Station, etc., calling for information.

A man in his 70s who received the leaflet said, "I live near the site and have been feeling uneasy since the outbreak. I want it to be resolved as soon as possible."

Seijo Police Station Chief Naotaka Hayakawa said, "We take seriously the fact that 22 years have passed without a solution. I think there are people who say they have something to talk about now, so please don't hesitate to send us even a little information. I was talking.

Information about the incident is accepted at the investigation headquarters of the Seijo Police Station.

The phone number is 03-3482-3829.