, Shaoguan, December 10th (Cheng Jingwei Linyin) The 4th Winter Forest Culture Week series of activities sponsored by the Guangdong Provincial Forestry Bureau was officially launched on the 10th in Guangdong Tianjingshan National Forest Park located in Ruyuan County, Shaoguan City.

The event focused on the red leaf culture of Southern Guangdong, and the list of "Top Ten Red Leaf Viewing Spots in Southern Guangdong" was released on the spot.

  The top ten red leaf viewing spots in southern Guangdong include Guangdong Shimen National Forest Park, Guangdong Maofeng Mountain Forest Park, Guangdong Tianjing Mountain National Forest Park, Guangdong Maomao Peak Provincial Forest Park, Guangdong Xinfeng Yunji Mountain Provincial Nature Reserve, Guangdong Heyuan City Wanlu Lake Scenic Area, Guangdong Jiaoling Changtan Provincial Nature Reserve, Guangdong Guifeng Mountain National Forest Park, Guangdong Xinghu National Wetland Park, and Guangdong Niuyuzui Primitive Ecological Scenic Area.

  According to the Guangdong Provincial Forestry Bureau, this is the first time that the province holds a series of forest culture week winter activities, marking the beginning of a forest cultural activity system with four seasons in Guangdong in spring, summer, autumn and winter, and the connotation of forest culture is more abundant.

Photo courtesy of Guangdong Forestry Bureau in Xinghu National Wetland Park, Guangdong

  The event was launched in the form of "cloud walking" online live broadcast. The host dressed in traditional Yao costumes led the audience in front of the screen to walk into the natural education trail of the ecological corridor of Guangdong Tianjingshan National Forest Park to enjoy the red leaves here—— Bald pine.

During the live broadcast, Li Donglin, a botanist expert, and Yang Mei, a natural education instructor, explained to the audience the ecological landscape of Tianjing Mountain and the natural knowledge related to red leaves such as bald cypress.

  It is understood that every autumn and winter, the bald cypresses in Guangdong Tianjingshan National Forest Park will quietly put on "red makeup", which is too beautiful to behold.

The Tianjing Mountain Ecological Corridor integrates functions such as tourism and leisure, forest health care and nature education, with a total length of about 4.5 kilometers. It preserves a typical mid-subtropical evergreen broad-leaved forest system, with a group of Cymbidium spinosa, Bald cypress forest and Fujian Berlin, etc. Ecological landscape.

  "November to January of the next year is a good time to enjoy the red leaves in Guangdong." The person in charge of the Guangdong Provincial Forestry Bureau said that the red leaves in Guangdong are mainly maple, cypress, tallow and maple, and most of them are concentrated in There is also a certain distribution in northern Guangdong and the Pearl River Delta region.

The red leaves in Guangdong are concentrated in the northern part of Guangdong. Photo courtesy of the Guangdong Provincial Forestry Bureau

  At present, red leaves in many places in Guangdong, such as Guangzhou, Zhaoqing, Shaoguan, Jiangmen, Qingyuan, Heyuan, and Meizhou, have appeared one after another, entering the most colorful season of the year, attracting more people to check in and feel the beauty of nature.

  Enjoying flowers in spring, enjoying the cool air in summer, picking fruits in autumn, and viewing leaves in winter, Guangdong has fun all year round.

Relying on the rich forest types and biodiversity endowment, Guangdong has actively promoted the development of forest tourism in recent years. It has identified 100 characteristic forest tourism routes, 100 emerging brand sites, 74 forest families in Nanyue, and built 5 national forest health care bases, There are 53 pilot forest health care bases at the provincial level, and the development of ecotourism has become one of the important green industries.

In addition, Guangdong has also actively carried out various ecological and cultural activities to integrate forest protection, forest culture, and forest tourism into people's lives.

  According to reports, Guangdong will continue to accelerate the pace of incubation and development of new business forms such as forest tourism and forest health care, and promote the healthy growth of new forestry business forms. With the help of green water and green mountains, Guangdong will do enough to make excellent eco-tourism articles, vigorously create poetic southern Guangdong, and comprehensively promote high-quality forestry in Guangdong. develop.