China News Service, Kunming, December 10th (Xiong Jiaxin) "Since the birth of Yunnan folk songs, it has been the most direct way for all ethnic groups to express their lives and emotions. As the times change, new creations should be injected to sing a new look of life." Recently, Wang Bin, a famous music creator and singer in Yunnan, said so in an exclusive interview with a reporter from

  Wang Bin introduced that Yunnan folk songs are divided into narrative songs, folk songs, dance songs, ditties, love songs and children's songs. The content of folk songs of various ethnic groups is very rich. Almost everything that can be touched in life is vividly reflected in folk songs.

  "Yunnan folk songs express the inner feelings of people in different ages, expressing the joys, sorrows and sorrows of different periods, which makes a large part of folk songs sound sad and sad." Wang Bin said that such works are an important part of Yunnan folk songs, and their musical value 1. The value of folklore research is very prominent, but because of its characteristics, it is difficult to integrate into the lives of contemporary people, and it is not easy to be accepted by the new generation of young people.

  "Music is not only the music itself, but also the transmission of a state of life, full of the creators, singers and even the audience's common yearning for a better life." Wang Bin pointed out that with the continuous improvement of living standards, people's sense of happiness, The sense of gain is constantly increasing, and people's views and expectations on music are very different from the past. Yunnan folk songs should also change with the times and be born with new ones.

  For this reason, Wang Bin, who has been cultivating the music business for more than 30 years, has always been committed to exploring new forms and new creations of Yunnan folk songs, pursuing new developments that combine inheritance and innovation, and integrating Yunnan folk songs with pop, rock and other musical elements to create "Love". A number of well-known songs such as Folk Songs, Big Nujiang, My Home in Jasper and Qingxi, and Golden Phoenix Blooming Red Flowers.

  To Wang Bin's relief, a large number of new generations of pioneering folk songs have also emerged in many places in Yunnan.

They either love the traditional culture of their own nation, sing lively ancient tunes with new arrangements, and sing the voices of young people of all ethnic groups in the new era; or perform traditional Yunnan folk songs with acapella and other performance forms from the West, creating a "Chinese and Western culture". The fascinating spark of "collision".

  "Protecting Yunnan folk songs is a long-term project. The best way is to let it enter a new life and integrate into a new life, and spread it widely through short videos, live broadcasts, etc., so that it can really come alive and become popular among young people." Wang Wang Bin said.

  On December 9th, the "Folk Song Grand View Phase 5 Seagulls Flying in Colorful Clouds - Yunnan Native Classical Folk Music Sharing Session" sponsored by China News Network, Yunnan Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, and China News Service Yunnan Branch was broadcast live online In order to open a new music feast, Wang Bin and other powerful singers sang 10 classic Yunnan folk songs with both traditional tunes and contemporary charm, singing a happy new movement of "Colorful Yunnan".