In response to an incident in which three former nursery school teachers were arrested on suspicion of assaulting a child at a nursery school in Susono City, Shizuoka Prefecture, the city held consultations on psychological care for children in a one-year-old class and their guardians on the 10th. We held a meeting.

In June, three former nursery teachers at Susono City's licensed nursery school "Sakura Nursery School" were pushing their faces, holding their feet, and hanging them in the air. was arrested on suspicion of assault.

In response to this incident, Susono City held a consultation meeting on the 10th for "mental care" for children and parents who attend "Sakura Nursery School" and affiliated nursery facilities.

According to the city, Professor Mutsumi Yamamoto of Tokoha University's Faculty of Childcare, who is familiar with infant psychology, was invited to the venue to discuss the development of the mind of a one-year-old child, the effects on facial expressions and behavior when a child is emotionally shocked, and more. , and explained how to properly interact with children.

After this, the parents of the children who applied in advance had individual consultations with a certified psychologist dispatched from the private sector.

In the future, Susono City will expand the scope of individual consultations by certified psychologists to parents other than the 1-year-old class, and will continue to provide them.