Is it a magic can or a sweet "placebo", can canned yellow peaches relieve the symptoms of the new crown?

  People's Daily Health Client Wang Yuan

  Fragrant and sweet canned yellow peaches are childhood memories of many people.

"When I had a fever and a cold when I was a child, my mother would buy me canned yellow peaches." "After eating canned yellow peaches, the symptoms of the cold really eased." Now, in the face of the new coronavirus infection, some people also include canned yellow peaches in their homes Recovery stock list.

  Is canned yellow peach really so magical?

Many experts told the People's Daily health client reporter that canned yellow peaches are rich in nutrients and can boost appetite, but they are more like sweet "placebos" that cannot relieve disease symptoms.

Do not eat it especially when you have a cough, it may aggravate the symptoms.

Yellow peaches are rich in various nutrients that help boost immunity

  "From the perspective of daily consumption, yellow peach itself is rich in a variety of nutrients. Yellow peach contains vitamin C, vitamin B complex, beta carotene, lycopene, etc., which have certain benefits for promoting metabolism and improving immunity; Yellow peaches contain more zinc and selenium mineral elements than other peaches. In addition, yellow peaches contain more potassium, which is an element that makes people feel happy.” Eighth Medical Center, PLA General Hospital Zuo Xiaoxia, director of the nutrition department, told the People's Daily Health Client.

  For many people who have poor appetite due to colds, fevers, a moderate amount of yellow peaches can also help replenish energy and boost appetite.

Zuo Xiaoxia introduced: "Yellow peach contains more sugar, which can quickly replenish energy for the body and restore some physical strength. Moreover, yellow peach is rich in dietary fiber, especially pectin, which can promote intestinal peristalsis and laxative; The citric acid and malic acid contained in it can stimulate the appetite when the appetite is bad, so that people can eat something."

  In Northeast China and even across the country, canned yellow peaches have become childhood memories of a generation.

"In the past, materials were scarce and transportation was inconvenient. In winter, especially in the north, there was a shortage of fresh fruits, so they made canned fruits instead of fresh fruits. Gradually, many people got into the habit of eating canned fruits, and it even became a tradition." Zuo Xiaoxia said that yellow peach can be said to be an outstanding raw material for canned fruit.

Unlike apples and pears, which are easy to change in color and taste after being canned, yellow peaches are more beautiful in color and taste better after being canned.

However, after being canned, the nutrition of the fruit is lost, so you can choose fresh fruit instead of canned.

Canned yellow peach is not a substitute for treatment, especially it may aggravate cough

  "However, canned yellow peach is not really a special medicine for fever and cough. It is more like a sweet 'placebo' like the cake you eat or the milk tea you drink when you are stressed." Shanxi Medical University Gao Xiaoling, deputy director of the Department of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine of the Second Hospital, reminded that eating fruit cannot replace drug treatment. If the new crown is diagnosed, drugs must be used scientifically for treatment.

When the symptoms are severe, you should actively go to the hospital to see a doctor, cooperate with the doctor for treatment, and treat the disease scientifically.

  "Especially when cough symptoms occur, eating sweets such as canned yellow peaches will aggravate the cough. On the one hand, it is because sweets can directly stimulate the nerves in the throat, reflexively causing coughing, and making the cough worse; The mucous membrane of the throat will increase the secretions in the throat, and the viscosity of the sugar will make the secretions more viscous, which will make the sputum difficult to cough up and aggravate the cough. If the cough is a symptom caused by a respiratory infection, the sugar in the sweets Sugar can cause bacteria to multiply, so it will aggravate the cough." Gao Xiaoling introduced.

  For some netizens who said that they prefer to eat refrigerated canned yellow peaches when they are sick, Gao Xiaoling reminded that when coughing symptoms occur, try to avoid eating frozen foods.

Cold and cool food will cause some irritation to the airway, shrink the airway, cause airway spasm, narrow the airway, and aggravate the symptoms of coughing.

  Two experts said that due to the addition of sugar and preservatives in canned food, you should pay attention to the right amount when eating; diabetics and gastritis patients are not suitable for eating, and people with allergies cannot eat canned yellow peaches.

Therefore, we need to look at the "mysterious power" of canned yellow peaches objectively.

(People's Daily Health Client)