The 93rd edition of the Miss France competition will be broadcast on TF1 on December 17.

While the portraits of the 30 participants were revealed a few days ago, the Miss France committee had already announced last June that the selection criteria would change for this new edition.

These changes follow the legal action of the association Osez le Féminisme which was initiated in 2021 against the competition.

The association criticized the production Endemol in particular for “using women to produce an extremely lucrative audiovisual program while flouting labor law”.

Labor law opposes “any form of discrimination relating to mores, age, family status, pregnancy, genetic characteristics, political opinions and physical appearance”.


👑 Who will succeed @dianeleyreoff to embody the new French ambassador for the next year?

📆 See you on 17/12 for the ceremony presented live from

Châteauroux by @Foucault_JP and @SylvieTellier with the participation of @CindyFabre

– Miss France (@MissFrance) November 30, 2022

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Relaxed rules

Thus, from this 2023 edition, married women, PACS or mothers have the right to participate in the competition, specifies TF1.

This is also the case for transgender women, tattooed women, and those over the age of 24.

Only three traditional criteria have been maintained: to participate, you must be over 1.70 m tall, be of French nationality and not have participated in naked photo or video sessions, excluding charitable initiatives (such as Pink October).

Finally, concerning operations, only reconstructive surgery is authorized.

What impact on applications?

This opening of the rules thus allowed Andrea Furet, a trans woman, to enter the Miss Ile-de-France competition, as did Victoria Rousselot, a 27-year-old married mother.

Cameron Vallière, who will represent Languedoc-Roussillon, will be the first participant of Miss France to be tattooed.

She will have the option to show it or not.

With her, 48 other tattooed contenders had presented themselves in the region.

However, despite this relaxation of the rules of the competition, mentalities must still evolve.

“Some keep the previous criteria, such as limiting the age from 18 to 24, when others follow us,” declared Alexia Laroche-Joubert, the new president of the Miss France committee about the regional committees.


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