On the morning of the 7th, two light passenger cars collided on a national highway bypass in Koga City, Ibaraki Prefecture, and two people were transported to a hospital, and one died.

Police are investigating the situation, assuming that the light passenger car was driving in the opposite direction.

Around 5:45 am on the 7th, there was an accident in which a light passenger car and a truck collided on the outbound line of the bypass of National Route 4 in Koga City, Ibaraki Prefecture.

According to the police, two men in their 70s who were driving both cars in this accident were transported to the hospital, and the man in the light passenger car was confirmed dead soon.

The man on the truck is said to be injured but not in a life-threatening condition.

According to the police, the scene was a straight road with three lanes on each side, and at the time, Furukawa City was in a state of thick fog.

In addition, the police received a report that ``a light passenger car ran in the wrong direction and collided with a truck. Checking it up.

Due to this accident, the outbound line of the National Route 4 Bypass was closed to traffic immediately after the accident because the truck overturned and blocked the road, and there is no prospect of cancellation at 11:30 am.

Overturned truck and traffic jam

In the video taken from the sky of the National Route 4 Bypass in Koga City, Ibaraki Prefecture, which was the accident site, it can be confirmed that a light passenger car is stopped near the median strip of the outbound line.

The windshield and engine part of the light passenger car are greatly broken.

In front of it, a truck is overturned so as to block the two lanes on the left side.

In addition, the outbound lane of the national highway on the south side of the site is congested with many cars and trucks.