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Actor Lee Beom-soo has been accused of 'gap-killing' the university students who are working as professors.

The controversy over GapJil was sparked when a student's revelation was posted.

A, who identified himself as a student at the Department of Performing Arts at Shinhan University, posted an article on the online community saying that he was abused by Lee Beom-soo.

A claimed that Lee Beom-soo did not attend classes and discriminated against his students by dividing them into A and B classes based on their economic background.

As a result, half of the freshmen claimed to have taken a leave of absence and dropped out.

"I live in insomnia and the urge and pain of extreme choices," he said. "I had to do as I was told and become a slave in order to catch Professor Lee Beom-soo's eyes. I ordered the students to inspect each other individually so that I couldn't breathe."

Regarding this, Big Punch Entertainment, Lee Beom-soo's agency, refrained from saying that it was the actor's personal business, so he did not know much about his teaching job.

As the student's writing is specific, it is a matter that seems to require a clear explanation from Lee Beom-soo himself.

Shinhan University stated that it is currently investigating the reports related to power abuse.

Since 2014, Beomsu Lee has been the dean of the Department of Performing Arts at Shinhan University.

(Reporter Kim Ji-hye of SBS Entertainment News)