Its 16th session will be held next March, with wide local and international participation

"Art Dubai"... a meeting point for cultural industries

  • Highlights of the World's Fair program will come in collaboration with a wide range of local and international cultural partners.



Art Dubai revealed details of the activities of the upcoming 16th edition of the exhibition, which will be held in Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai, from March 1 to 5, 2023. Its activities reflect the directives of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of the UAE. Dubai, by strengthening Dubai's cultural status regionally and internationally, with its global capabilities and infrastructure that distinguishes it as a leading center in cultural innovation, with qualitative projects and international events.

Highlights of the World Fair 2023 program, which will come in collaboration with a wide range of local and international cultural partners, will include new commissions for specific sites and premieres of international artists, presented by the fair in partnership with leading institutions in the region, while a conference will be organized on the sidelines of the exhibition. To discuss a number of topics, dialogues and related educational programs, as the program reflects the role of the "Art Dubai" exhibition as a meeting point for cultural industries and creative communities.

Celebration of food

The themes of the 2023 commissions revolve around community, the world of food, celebration and hope, by selected artists from participating galleries at Art Dubai and leading institutions in South Asia.

These works include daily performances based on the celebration of food.

Swiss wealth management group Julius Baer will renew its agreement as the main partner of Art Dubai for another five years, until 2027, when the first newly commissioned artwork by Rafik Anatolia, digital media artist and pioneer in aesthetic artificial intelligence, will be shown at the exhibition. framework of Julius Baer's NEXT initiative.

During the exhibition, UAE First Immersion will be unveiled, the presentation of new artworks by some of the leading names in the field of digital art, produced after the visit of the artistic delegation to the UAE in November 2022. The show will be revealed as part of the second expanded edition of the «Art Dubai Digital”, which will feature a large number of new models, including the Layan Cultural Foundation and the 6529 Metaverse open project.

Professional development

Locally, Art Dubai's pioneering professional development initiative will expand through the annual art fair, Campus Art Dubai, in celebration of its tenth session, to include work with local partners, such as the Jameel Arts Center and Alserkal Avenue in Dubai and Gallery 421. .

The "Global Art Forum" for the 16th edition of the "Art Dubai" exhibition, which is being prepared by Shumon Pasar, will focus on the topic of "expecting the present", and through it the central question will be asked: If this is the end of the past and the end of the future, what will happen next?

Christie's Summit

The forum will include the first edition of the "Christie's Art and Technology Summit in Dubai", as the sixth session of the summit, and the first in the region, aims to explore technology trends, listen to artists who integrate technology into their artwork, and explore current and future challenges and opportunities, as the summit will bring together leaders and regional and global innovators, artists and visionaries to promote meaningful dialogues about the intersection of art and technology, by highlighting the important role that collectors and philanthropists play in developing the cultural infrastructure in the region.

New image

Benedetta Gion, Executive Director of Art Dubai, said: “The (Art Dubai) exhibition always presents a new image of what an art fair should be, and this year’s expanded program reflects our main role as a meeting point for the creative industries in the region, whether commercial or non-profit.

As an innovative partnership between the public and private sectors, the exhibition is an incubator for talent, a catalyst for the creative economy in Dubai, a supporter of innovative minds, and an entry point into this vibrant ecosystem for the wider cultural sector.

important role

Pablo del Val, artistic director of Art Dubai, said: “With the changing landscape of international art exhibitions, Art Dubai continues to play an important role in defining and supporting the cultural ecosystems of the Global South, and this year’s program fully reflects the growing importance and energy of this region. liveliness.

Complemented by an extensive commissioning program and thought leadership in one of our strongest galleries ever, it highlights the importance of fostering dialogue here, and offers a glimpse into the past, present and future of this important region.”

Technical assignments

The art commissions program comes at the heart of the non-profit programs of the "Art Dubai" exhibition, and it is a platform that invites artists to produce works of art on the exhibition site, and provides support for the production of artworks by local and international artists, as the 2023 art costs program will be held in a space designated for this. purpose in the exhibition.

In the second year of joint cooperation with Art Dubai, Gallery 421, Abu Dhabi's independent platform to support emerging artists, will present a group exhibition sponsored by UAE-based artist and researcher Dania Al Tamimi.

Art forum

Every year, the "Art Dubai" exhibition invites leading artists, curators, technicians and intellectuals to the International Art Forum to measure the degree of cultural growth in our contemporary moment.

The 2023 course, commissioned by Shomon Basar, is titled “Predicting the Present,” during which he will discuss the topical question: If this is the end of the past and the end of the future, what will happen next?

Stories, experiences, and speculations about culture, innovation, and society point to new sources of optimism, as Dubai provides a pioneering city of the future in the field of innovation.

Artistic summit

In cooperation with the "Art Dubai" exhibition, Christie's will host its first art and technology summit in Dubai. The sixth summit, which was established in 2018 - in conjunction with the annual Christie's Summit in New York in July of each year - aims to bring together leaders, innovators, artists and visionaries. regional and international organizations to promote meaningful dialogues about the intersection of art and technology.

The one-day conference blends East and West, attracting both regional and global thinkers, reviewing technology trends, hearing from artists integrating technology into their practices, and exploring current challenges and future opportunities for collaboration.

The 2023 edition of Art Dubai, in partnership with Dubai Collection, will present a series of recent dialogues and collectibles. Discussions will focus on the collectors and patrons who are driving the development of art scenes across the global south and supporting the redistribution of cultural centers around the world.

«Campus Art Dubai»

Art Dubai 2023 coincides with the tenth edition of the Campus Art Dubai exhibition, Art Dubai's pioneering initiative to develop future cultural leaders in the region and develop the main component of the comprehensive educational program in the exhibition throughout the year.

Campus Art Dubai CAD is the first program of its kind in the region developed to provide current and aspiring members of the region's cultural and creative community with educational and professional opportunities.

The 2023 session will include two axes: the first is Campus Art Dubai CAD 10.0 for professional development, which will expand to provide jobs in each of the “Art Dubai” fair and other leading cultural institutions in the Emirates such as Alserkal Avenue and the Jameel Arts Center in Dubai, and Gallery 421 in Abu Dhabi.

And the second axis, “Campus Art Dubai” CAD for public art, which aims to spread knowledge and enhance the capacity of the sector in the field of rapid development of public art commissioning.

Children's workshops

This year, the “ARM” Art Holding Program for Children will include workshops for children between the ages of 5 and 17, led by qualified artists, as events will be held for children for the first time at the “Art Dubai” exhibition, before expanding to include about 100 schools and more. of 6,000 children across Dubai.

The art of encryption

New presentations at Art Dubai Digital 2023 include the Lian Foundation, created by private collector, curator and blockchain expert Fiorenzo Manganiello, and 6529 through the decentralized open source project Metaverse, a showcase of new artwork by some of the leading names in technology. The art of encryption.

New business

The exhibition will include new works by artists including: Coldie, Colburn Bell, Monares, Brian Brinkman, Kirk Finkel and Rafael Torres, and these works will be available first to collectors.

• The exhibition's 16th edition program includes new commissions and premieres by international artists.

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