, Wanyuan, December 5th (Tang Zhuoyuan and Liu Shiming) The "dumping bridge" has become history, and the "highway bridge" leads to hope.

On the 5th, at the site of the "cable-to-reform bridge" project in Moujiaba Village, Baisha Town, Wanyuan, deep in Daba Mountain, Sichuan, workers are stepping up construction work and catching up with the progress.

Qiu Lao, who is in his 70s, and several silver-aged partners in the village go to the site to "supervise the work" every day, looking forward to the moment when the highway bridge will be opened to traffic at the end of the year.

  "We get up at six o'clock every morning to work, and it doesn't end until six o'clock in the evening. We work overtime to catch up with the progress, and strive to complete it on time, with quality, and with quantity by the end of December." The same scene also happened in Shasha Town, Wanyuan City The site of Tianerba "Cable to Bridge" project.

According to Long Gang, the person in charge of the site, the substructure of the "Highway Bridge" has been completely completed, and now the bridge girders are pouring with all their strength, and then the girders will be erected, the bridge deck paved, and the guardrails will be installed.

"Chain Bridge" was replaced by "Road Bridge".

Photo courtesy of Wanyuan Financial Media Center

  Located at the junction of the north and the south, at the watershed between the two rivers, Wanyuan City has numerous ravines and streams.

"When you see the house, you cry when you walk there" used to be the real situation of people traveling in the mountains.

Nearly a hundred iron chain bridges in the mountains have become everyone's "hope" and "landscape" in their eyes.

With the passage of time, after wind and rain erosion, the sense of security and convenience of people's travel has increased day by day. These "dumping bridges" built along the river have now become the "pain point" of rural revitalization.

  "The construction standards of rural iron cable bridges are low, they have been put into use for a long time, and their safety guarantee capabilities are getting lower and lower. After a comprehensive investigation, in accordance with the principles of implementing policies for bridges, adapting measures to local conditions, and classifying and disposing of them, the project of repairing 'cable bridges' was determined." Gao Tao, deputy director of the Wanyuan Municipal Transportation Bureau, said that the "cable bridge" is an important project in the three-year transportation battle, and it is also a unique "characteristic" project of Wanyuan. Transportation conditions play an important role in ensuring the travel of the masses and building a livable and business-friendly village.

Extended highway bridge.

Photo courtesy of Wanyuan Financial Media Center

  It is understood that the first batch of Wanyuan's "cable bridge" project is 7, and all new bridges are implemented in accordance with the technical standards of fourth-class roads. The rest of the masses.

According to the goal of "complete the two-year task within one year" in Wanyuan City, construction of all 7 chain bridges started this year, and 6 of them were fully completed by the end of the year.

With the continuous advancement of the "cable-reformed bridge", the most common iron-cable bridge in mountainous areas is about to complete its historical mission and become an unforgettable and permanent memory of mountain people.