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She is the eternal girlfriend of America (or the world) or the friend that we would all like to have to let us light up life with her XXL smile.

And, although saying how well people are "at their age" is quite tiresome, there is no other choice but to surrender to

the exultant, youthful and, above all, natural beauty

with which Julia Roberts continues to captivate us for more than three years. decades after falling in love in 'Pretty Woman'.

Dressed in a spectacular dress printed with images of George Clooney, the actress, who turned 55 on October 28,

has once again left us speechless

(never better said) in the tribute that the Kennedy Center has paid to her great friend and adventure companion in films like the mythical saga of 'Ocean's Eleven' because (sorry, once again, the cliché), time does not seem to pass by.

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If, as you have confessed on some occasion, you go beyond surgery and not only assume, but also boast of the passage of time with gratitude and naturalness, what is your secret to

adding years without your skin seeming to take notice

and, more importantly, yet, so that

it continues to be her


Beyond healthy lifestyle habits -restorative rest, balanced diet, well-planned physical activity and negative emotions at bay- without which any external treatment would bear the fruits that the actress is clearly obtaining, Dr. Beatriz Beltrán, a specialized internist in Aesthetic Medicine and director of the clinic that bears her name in Barcelona, ​​helps us decipher the mystery: "As can be seen in her most recent photographs, Julia Roberts undergoes

very well-done treatments and with very natural results

. Surely , taking into account the absence of deep expression lines typical of a mature woman that she shows, she will have resorted to

botulinum toxin

in some specific areas to relax them and prevent wrinkles from marking".

For Beltrán, the fact that "it continues to

maintain turgidity and facial volumes

denotes that some protocol for lip rejuvenation and filler with

hyaluronic acid

has also been carried out , but in a very subtle way because it keeps the naturalness of her face intact."

In addition, he probably continues "treatments have been carried out with appliances such as


, which, in a single session of between 60 and 90 minutes, significantly improves the appearance of facial skin, producing a 'lifting without surgery' effect, avoiding sagging characteristic of the passing of the years".

Up to here, the most probable interpretation of the secret of the

eternal freshness of Julia Roberts


Now we have to meet (and take good note) of the one who makes our lives happy every time we see her: the one with her smile.

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