He has won many times in international car races and is known as a "monster" in that world. Currently, a business owner who develops racing cars in Tokyo is found in the wilderness of Omachi City, Nagano Prefecture. He was arrested on suspicion of dumping 5.5 tons.

Nobuhiro Tajima (72), chairman of Tajima Motor Corporation, which has its head office in Nakano-ku, Tokyo and is involved in the development of racing cars, was arrested on suspicion of violating the Waste Management Law.

According to the police, the chairman buried and threw about 5.5 tons of waste such as metal scraps and concrete pieces in the wilderness in the city in late August with two officers at an affiliated company in Omachi City. He is suspected of burning about 40 kilograms of wood waste in the same city in early April.

Police have not released a statement saying it would interfere with the investigation.

Police are investigating the details as the chairman is believed to be an instructor for two affiliated company officers.

He was active in international automobile races, winning six consecutive victories in mountain races in which he raced up the mountains of Colorado to compete for time. It was

He also worked on the development of racing cars as a manager.