As more and more people die of heatstroke due to the intense summer heat, the Ministry of the Environment has decided to revise the law to include measures against heatstroke.

In particular, when the temperature rises, a heat stroke special alert will be newly set up, and the policy will include obliging local governments to open facilities equipped with air conditioning.

The Ministry of the Environment and others have announced a ``heat stroke alert'' and called for attention when the predicted value of the heat index reaches 33 or higher, but there is no end to the number of people who die from heat stroke.

For this reason, the Ministry of the Environment has announced that if the temperature rises further and serious damage to health is expected, a higher level of alert will be issued to alert people to heatstroke. Incorporating it into the "Climate Change Adaptation Law" concerning countermeasures against climate change, we have established a policy aiming to revise the law.

The company plans to consider the criteria for announcing a "heat stroke special warning alert" in the future, but the policy is to include the special warning alert to be notified to the prefectural governors, and the corresponding local governments to be obliged to open pre-designated summer resorts. is.

As a summer resort, in addition to public facilities such as public halls and libraries where air conditioners can always be used, commercial facilities are also assumed.

The Ministry of the Environment will proceed with discussions at a council of experts, and will proceed with coordination with related ministries and agencies to submit the bill to the ordinary session of the Diet next year.