British police have arrested a 20-year-old man who stabbed King Charles III.

should have thrown.

Charles visited the city of Luton north of London on Tuesday to open a new Sikh temple there, among other things.

During a tour, an egg was thrown at him.

Bedfordshire Police said the suspect was arrested outside Luton Town Hall and taken for questioning.

Almost four weeks ago, Charles III.

and his wife Camilla had eggs thrown at them during a visit to York, in the north of England.

The eggs just missed the royal couple.

"This country was built with the blood of slaves," cried a man who was arrested by police shortly thereafter and later released on bail.

Charles III, who will be crowned eight months after ascending the throne in May, is not as popular as his mother, who was downright adored by many Britons.

After the death of Queen Elizabeth II in September, his popularity ratings have increased, but his son Prince William and his wife Kate are more popular.